Baby Powder

I guess this is what I get for turning my head for 2 minutes... and leaving the baby powder on the stairs.

Pioneer Day

Dave was on-call, so me and the kids went with my fam to their neighborhood block-party. It was so much fun. Then we went to Liberty Park to watch the fireworks, a long-running Nelson tradition. BTW, the fireworks were AWESOME this year, best year by far!


East High School Football


I love this picture. It's of my Great-Grandpa Anderson, AKA "Andy" or "Gramps." He was such a great man and I'm so lucky I was able to know him. Love you Gramps!


"Getting ready for work."


We decided to escape the HOT heat, and head up to PC for the evening.

We took the kids on the Alpine Slide and I took Tol on the Alpine Coaster (Addi passed as a 2 yr. old but we didn't take our chances having her pass as '3').
On the chairlift. Right after this pic was taken, the binki went overboard. Addison was one sad little girl. Then she got over it.
Boys against girls. Boys won!
We're strapped in and ready for the Alpine coaster. *If you haven't done this, you need to. It was a blast!* Tol LOVED it! On the way up to the top, we passed these horses and Tol said, "look at the horsey birthday party!"
After the rides, we went to one of our FAVORITE mexican restaraunts,
Loco Lizard. It's located @ the junction and is worth the ride up there in of itself.
Then it was off to SnoAsis. Again, a Lamborn fav. BEST BEST BEST sno cones in the west. I'm sure you all have a sno cone shack close by your own house, but again, worth the drive. It's on 7200 s. and right above Highland Drive (in the Dan's parking lot).
Don't let the LOOOOONG line fool you. It moves pretty fast and it is definiltely worth the wait.
It was such a fun night. I love being with my kids as they experience new things. Even though I've been on the Alpine slides a million times, it was like going for the first time all over again.
I'm so BLESSED to have Tolman & Addison and the Happiness they bring me!


I thought this was too cute not to share...

My parents had a "goodbye dinner" for Chel a week ago Sunday. Lots of Chelsea's friends and family were there to wish her farewell. It was a lot of fun.

Anyway, while we were all there, Tol busted out a piece of tape and taped Chel to her chair and said, "Now you can't go to Washington anymore." If only the tape would have worked...



I just got nervous. I DO have a liscence to do hair... I thought I'd throw in a few un-true things about me in the "tag" post down below. Why? Cause I think I'm really funny.


(Ghetto) Riverton Carnival
Tol was so cute with Addi on the little roller coaster. 15 seconds into it, Addi fell to the floor of their seat on her bum and Tol kept his arm around her through the rest of the ride. He was completely bent over so you could barely see either one of them.
And really, where do all these people come from?
The kids on the coaster before it started and Addison enjoying her first brewsky.

Zoo Day

Mike and Leesa invited us to the zoo with them and we had a great time. Addison's favorite was the zebras and Tolman's favorite was the snakes. My favorite was Leesa. She took an ambien (on accident) before she left. I've never known Leesa to be so entertaining.

Admiring the tranquilized "Ghost of the Bayou" & the GIANT boa constricter

Addison did not want to move from this spot.

Day at the Gateway
Dave and I took the kids to the Gateway fountain. They thought it was great for about 20 minutes, then all Tol wanted to do was climb on the stairs and ride the escalator. So much for that brilliant idea. We then went to CPK for dinner and shopped.

The kiddos playing in the fountain & them again eating dinner.

Kriss Kross

Yes, this is how I let Tol go "Kick-Out" (combo of 'kick-it' & 'hang-out') with Brandon and Jenn the other day. Luckily, they weren't home.
Dressing himself is something Tol hasn't quite mastered yet. Sometimes he's great at it, and sometimes this is what we get.


I have so many thoughts and feelings running through me right now. As you can probably tell, I'm SUPER tight with my AMAZING family! I love them all soooooo much and, I hope they all know this, but I'd do anything in the world for any one of them. I am who I am today because of the influences & examples they have been to me in my life. I love all that I've shared with them and the MANY MANY fun memories we have made over the years.

Today particularly I want to focus on Chel. Why? Because she is moving to Seattle, WA. That's right, up and leaving. What's up with that? How could she do such a thing? Especially with only a weeks notice. Not quite sure how I feel about the whole thing. A week hasn't given me the time for it to sink in and because of that, I haven't been able to sort my own feelings about the situation. So here I go, sorting my feelings:

First of all, for so long, pretty much the whole time I lived at home Chel was my spiritual "rock." She seemed to understand even the most difficult of concepts of the Gospel. She was a true scriptorian. She had and shared the most beautiful of testimonies. I often found myself wishing that I had the type of relationship with my Savior that she had. I strived for that. Because of her testimony and example, my own testimony grew.

She loves the outdoors. I don't think I know anyone who is an "outdoor lover" like my sis. You name ANY outdoor activity and she has most likely tried it at least once and is probably an expert at it. Hiking, camping, rock-climbing, kyaking, biking, back-packing, and the list goes on and on. I can't honestly say that her LOVE for this type of stuff has overflowed onto my tastes (I wish it had), but I admire her for the appreciation and love she has for the beauty all around us.

Chelsea loves adventure. When she was a junior (?) in High School, she went to South America on a humanitarian mission. She loved the people and the experience so much that she did it again a couple years later. That alone speaks volumes about Chel. On a slightly different note, not too long after she graduated High School, she back-packed around Europe BY HERSELF! What girl does that? Especially at 18. Chel, that's who. Hello, she is moving to Seattle with NO job and NO permanent place to live!! She tells us to give her 2 weeks. She has done any and every "thrilling" thing she could get her hands on. Partly because of her, I, the one who is more afraid of heights than humanly possible, went skydiving. WHAT? It's true.

Chel loves her family, especially her bro's. Chel has always been the "fun" sister to our 2 adorable younger brothers. I always admired her for the fun things she did with them. She NEVER missed a sporting event they were in. Not only was she always there, but I think it's safe to say that she was a 2nd coach to them. She gave advice and tips and made them better athletes. Chel has always been Tol's favorite "Auntie." Sorry Jess and Kate. She loves that kid so much and I love watching Tol's face light up when he sees his Auntie Chel or hears that she is coming down from Logan. She has the energy with him that I wish I had. She loves all of her family so much and takes a genuine interest in each and every one of us.

She ROCKS at basketball. She can out-shoot anyone.

She's a BABE-fest. Have you seen that smile?

She loves life. Motorcycle ride, anyone?

She helps anyone in need.

She is selfless.

She is simple.

She is smart.

She is ambitious.

She's a hard-worker.

Above all, to me she is MY sister!

I'm acting like this is "Good-Bye." I know it's not. I'm super excited for her and this new chapter in her life, and for the new adventures this move will bring. I realize that this is a good thing for Chel and because of that, I 100% support her.

I love you, Chel and I'm gonna miss you!

Bon Voyage!


I've Been Tagged - Again!
I was tagged by Kristen! Here are the rules:List 3 joys, 3 fears, 3 current obsessions/collections, 3 surprising facts, and then tag 5 other people. Leave a comment for the people you tag so they know they have been tagged. Here we go............
1. Time alone to read a good book
2. A CLEAN house
3. Spending time with my family & friends
1. Driving... I HATE it, usually.
2. Losing a loved one
3. I'll agree w/ Kristen: The 7.0 earthquake that is supposed to hit us anytime now!
Current Obsessions
1. Refer to previous post
2. My weight... why can't I be a size 4? Even 6? Heck, I'll even take an 8!!
3. cleaning (although that's nothing new or current)
Surprising Facts
1. I don't really have a liscence to do hair
2. Dave and I investigated the FLDS church
3. I'd switch "teams" for Ellen DeGeneres, I'm serious.

So, there you go...More useless information about ME! I'm now supposed to tag 5 of you - come on, you know you're excited! I tag Monica, Rachael, Chelsea, Becca and Jen. Enjoy Ladies!


I'm Addicted!

It's true, I'm 100% addicted to blogging! I swear, it's all I do in my spare time. Even when I don't have spare time, I somehow manage to find time to feed my blogging addiction. Before I joined the blogging world, I wondered how all these people had all this extra time during their days to blog. I rarely had a spare moment to check my email. Well, now I understand. I can't say that I have come up with a good explanation to where the time comes from, but I understand.
So anyway, tonight, to my overwhelming excitment, I discovered an awesome time-saving tool. Check out the left side of my blog under "BLOGGIN' BUDDIES." It's pretty self-explanatory. Now, I won't waste my time clicking on each and every one of your blogs just to see the same posts staring back at me over and over again. I will only check the updated blogs. The only downside is that it won't show anything for private blogs (so I have my own section for those... and what's with the letter B, anyway?). I'm not really sure how I did it though, or else I'd add a cool link for you to click on and get one for yourself. Infact, I'd like to learn how to put a word on here that my reader's can click on that will direct them to a new site. You know what I'm talking about, right? Any help and/or directions on how to do so would be appreciated.
This post is all over the place.
I'll sum it up: I'm addicted to blogging, I found a time-saving tool so I hopefully won't spend so much time blogging and I'm an iliterate blogger when it comes to a few things & I need your help, please.
The End


I see the light!

No, not that light. The light at the end of the LOOOOONG med school tunnel. It's true, Dave starts his 4th year tomorrow! YEPEE! I know it's not quite time to celebrate yet, but at this point, it's nice to have another year under our belts. Dave has gone to school for a total of 9 years up to date {impressive} and only one more to go! I know, I know...residency. But that's not really school, is it? I mean, he'll be making some money, right?

Anyway, I'm so proud of Dave and the hard work he's put into this life-long goal of his to become a DOCTOR. He's such an amazing student & I know he'll make an amazing anesthesiologist here pretty soon.

Here's to one more year (+ 4) of blood, sweat and tears!!


Friend-ly BBQ

Bingham & WJ reunion/ 4th of July BBQ

In lieu of our monthly recipe night, we had a family 4th BBQ instead. Thanks to Devin & Kristi for hosting.
(Dave couldn't attend, so Curt was my date. Thanks, buddy!)

First on the agenda was food. Yum Yum!

So many (19 to be exact) adorable kids!

I realize that I should post everyone's names for future reference and for viewers convenience, but I'm not going to. So there.

After a good game of volleyball, it was time for

While Addison was all over it, Tolman was scared and ended up watching from the window inside the house. That's my boy!

It was so much fun to see everybody. I feel so lucky because I get to see my girlfriends quite often, but as for the hubbies and little ones, we don't see them enough. It was also super fun to see all our long-lost Bingham buddies and their families.
I just have to add that I feel so lucky to still be best friends with all my high school pals. I love you all so much and am grateful for our friendship.