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Christmas Catch-up Part I: Friends

I hosted the
17th Annual GDI Christmas
party this year. I figured since I had never hosted and this is my last year living here for a while, I'd better step up. It was a great night filled with awesome
food, friends and white elephants.

I love all my girls!

and BTW...
thanks to all our friends and family who sent us Christmas cards this year. I LOVE getting Christmas cards!


Miss Addi has a BIRTHDAY!

She still LOVES her BINKI
She still wears DIAPERS
She still drinks her "chocolate" from a BOTTLE in the am
and yes, she's 3!!!
Being 3 and having 1 year old traits don't go hand-in-hand, yet that is one of the MANY reasons why I love my adorable and quirky little Addi Belle.
I can't believe my BABY is 3! Regardless of her aforementioned traits, she IS growing up and turning into a little girl while leaving the baby behind. Not sure how I feel about that.
Addison LOVES pink, princesses, and anything pretty and/or girlie. She reminds us daily (or hourly) that she is a pretty princess. She is so entertaining and isn't afraid of attention. She loves to sing and dance. She loves books and music (especially "POPULAR" on Mom's iPod). She is very nurturing to her dolls (and brother) and calls them "honey." She is SILLY and TICKLISH and scared of monsters. She is an artist and a story teller. She talks and talks and talks..... but is completely content playing by (and talking to) herself.
Addison is definitely the character of the family. She is hilarious & keeps us laughing. She is such a sweetheart and ALL GIRL and we love her so much!


That's right- the Lamb Fam went to DISNEYLAND and had a BLAST! The lines weren't long, the weather was perfect, the accommodations were superb, the kids couldn't have been better and being there during the holidays was awesome! The park is transformed into a MAGICAL CHRISTMAS WINTER WONDERLAND.
The only bummer of the trip (worth noting) is I somehow deleted all the pictures I took on the first day. So here are all the pictures (worth noting) from the rest of the trip.


I guess I spoke too soon about the lines. We didn't have to wait in any lines except for this one. We did Disney two days and both days I waited in line to meet the princesses for over an hour. TOTALLY WORTH IT! Addi was completely *STAR-STRUCK.* She was speechless and couldn't take her eyes of the princesses- even for pictures. In the 2 days, we were able to "beet" Jasmin and Ariel twice, and Aurora and Belle. This was definitely Addi's favorite part of the whole trip.


...and there we got to meet

FUNNY STORY: When we were done meeting Minnie, a 'cast member' came and told Minnie she had some sewing to do so she had to go. Later, Tol was talking about it and said Minnie had to go 'pump.' Sewing/Pumping- it's all the same.


I LOVE BUGLAND! It is so cute and creative! A few years ago when we were here last, all Tol wanted to do was go on these bumper cars... over and over and over and over... Luckily for us, this time he was burned out and ready for something new after the 5th or 6th time.

We took a day off from Disney and went to the Pool and the Beach. The hotel pool was awesome. It had a water slide that Tol couldn't get enough of. And the kiddie pool was perfect for Addi. The lounge chair/iPod/magazine combo was perfect for me.

The beach was FREEZING so we didn't stay too long. However, the kids didn't seem to mind the cool temp at all! They could've stayed all day. Addi LOVED all the "squishy" sand and Tol loved finding all the seashells. Oh to be a kid again!

All this BEACH TIME made for 2 tired kiddos

and more random DISNEYLAND pics:

Well, there you have it: our trip in a nutshell.