The past 5 months

(pic courtesy of my orphaned child, Addi)
Sadly, this picture sums up the last 5 months perfectly.
For those of you who still read blogs and don't have a Facebook account (no one), I am PREGNANT. And it has SUCKED. Like, really really bad. I didn't enjoy my other pregnancies and always proclaimed that I have the WORST pregnancies ever, but I'm here to tell you that I had no idea what I was talking about until this one! Now I can truly and honestly say that me and pregnancy DO NOT mix. It's awful! 
February 17th was the day I saw two pink lines on the pee-stick and I was OVERWHELMED with joy and gratitude. Dave and I were so excited to be adding a new little human to our family. 
I had dinner plans that night with a group of gals to celebrate some birthdays and, being the open book that I am, told 2 of my friends that I was expecting. I also told them that we'd have to live it up the next month because then my life would be over. 
My life ended much sooner than anticipated. Within a week I felt like I was at death's door. And I was only 4 weeks! What the heck?!
It is now July and I am feeling much MUCH better (even though I have a whole other list of super appealing pregnancy "symptoms"), so now I am playing catch-up. 
My parents and Jess were in town 2 weeks ago for Tolman's baptism (more on that later) and one night my kids pulled out our published blog books. We looked at them forever and had such a great time taking a trip down memory lane. That night I was inspired to start blogging again. I LOVE my blog books and so do my kids and Dave, surprisingly. It's our only family scrapbook/journal. So what wasn't even on the original list of "things to catch up on after I'm over the 'feeling like I'm dying garbage' phase," is now at the top of my list. All the other things will have to wait while I blog.
With that said, the next bunch of posts are going to be a hodge-podge mix of... something. It could be interesting as I don't really have much of a memory these days- and I have to remember back to the beginning of the year (cause that's where I left off). Pressure.

And for the record, we really are all SO SUPER EXCITED for this little one to be joining our family in October.