Addi: (who is supposed to be in bed) My legs are hurting.

Me: Why are they hurting?

Addi: I think my batteries runned out.

House for SALE!!

As probably all of you know, we sold our house. And as some of you know, it fell through. Long story short- the buyers were pre-approved for their loan but at the end of the day (a day before closing) they couldn't come up with their down payment. BUMMER!
So- the house is back on the market.

Basic Info:
3 bdrm
2.5 bath
clubhouse w/ pool & exercise facility
gated community

For more info, or if you or anyone you know is interested, call Ron @
or email me @

We are in a hurry to sell, so it is


California girl

I met Candice on our first day of hair school in February of 99. We were introduced by a mutual friend, Alisha, when we were learning how to clock in. My first thought was, "HOLY COW! This girl is so freaking pretty!
I think I was feeling a bit of jealousy.
Anyway, that was the beginning of a FABULOUS and one of the BEST friendships. We started and graduated hair school together, worked at our first salon together and have been together ever since. Basically, my girl and I have been through a ton together and have seen each other through the past 11 years- the good, the bad and everything in between. Candice is one of the greatest people gracing this planet. She is genuine, kind, thoughtful, funny, ADORABLE, athletic, loyal, and most importantly (to me), one of the VERY BEST FRIENDS a girl could ask for.

Candice has started a new adventure for herself in Sunny California. I am so thrilled for her and think this is definitely the best thing for her (not that it matters what I think). But I'm going to miss my friend like CRAZY!!

But I do have to say, it makes my upcoming adventure much more bearable.

The salon CELEBRATED (and Mourned) Candice's departure in style
with dinner and bowling at FAT CATS

Zada will never be the same without 'SHARKY'