"pillow fight"

I can't say enough about these pictures! I LOVE LOVE LOVE them!
An extremely talented photographer and dear friend, Jolene, included me and Angela (another super talented dear friend) in one of her many visions. This time it involved our 3 darlings, lots of feathers, antique story books, O.J., texture and color. Oh- and my back yard (these pics were taken over a month ago and I STILL have feathers out there).
It was a crazy little adventure complete with lots of laughs, giggles and bug bites. Can't wait to do it again!
To see more of the pics (and more of her work) go to:
I'm so grateful my kids have such good friends!...and me, too!


The last

This is my {hodge-podge} attempt to wrap up our Utah trip.

First of all, Steve, Heather & their kids' UT trip overlapped with ours. My kids were SO HAPPY to spend time with their 'Boston Cousins!' They went SWIMMING, MINIATURE GOLFING and HIKED Timpanogos Cave together. I unfortunately got the dang stomach flu and was flat in bed for 2 days, so I couldn't do any of it with them. BUMMER SUMMER! We did have a Pioneer Day BBQ that I was there for. I'm bummed I didn't get any pictures of this, but we made homemade ice cream (the kind you throw around in a bag). The bags kept breaking and it turned into something pretty comical- but the salvageable ice cream was SUPER YUMMY and the kids LOVED making it!

Here we are watching "UP" before Grandpa Ron took everyone to the UP house. I couldn't get anyone to look away from the TV.  Except for Tol, I guess.

Another big part of the trip for me was WORKING. I wasn't going to work this trip for a couple reasons. First, I didn't renew my business license and second, I didn't really want to work. BUT- I figured I'd have to do my families' hair and perhaps some friends so in the end I did work, kind of.  I only did a few friends and family and only a few of my old clients- who were so great to see! Kristen was VERY kind and gracious and let me work in her basement salon. I don't think she realized what she was getting herself into when she offered, or agreed or whatever. My kids were there more than half the time and over-all it was kind of a mad house. But I LOVED it! I was able to hang out with Kristen all day for, like, 4 days. She would come down and hang out while I was doing hair and I'd go upstairs and chill between clients or when clients were processing. Man, I love that girl! I am so lucky to have found a friend like her. There is no one in the world like her and I am one extremely fortunate girl to have her as my BFF!!

My kids also went on a hike up to Donut Falls with the fam. It was a day where I was still sick so I didn't go. Sad for me. This hike/walk has turned into a Nelson tradition so it was a bummer that I had to miss out.

My CUTEST brothers! This is on their way to the lake to take Tol Kayaking. Again, wish I would have gotten some pics of them out there. Instead, Addi and I had some "GIRL TIME" and went school shopping at OOPSIE DAISY (man I miss that store) and got gelato next door. Perfect day for all!

 Another MAJOR highlight was the one and only SWEET TOOTH FAIRY.
I love that bakery a little too much.

JOB UPDATE: Dave decided to turn this trip into a bit of a business trip, as well. He met with a few anesthesia groups to check things out and to get his foot in the door. I have to be honest and say I was disappointed/deflated about the whole 'getting a job in Utah' situation. As a UT anesthesiologist put it so perfectly. "Utah is a crappy place to get a job, but a great place to have a job." It's actually nothing we didn't already know, it's just that this experience made it real for me. With all that said, Utah might not be on our cards for a while, and that's okay. I'm accepting it.

Chel & Becca flew out the same day as us. Here is Chel with the kids as we were all getting ready to leave. Such a bittersweet day. I was feeling anxious to get home since we had been gone for 4 weeks, but it was so sad to leave!

What a fun trip! Can't wait to go back!


Park City with the NELSONS

This was one of the VERY BEST DAYS EVER!! 
Being together with all my siblings is like Christmas when I was little. It was a DELIGHT to have us all in the same place at the same time.
My Aunt Janet, Uncle Jeff & their fam (from NYC) were also in town so it was the perfect reason to escape the heat and head to PC for the day. Nils, Jeff and my Uncle Eric went mountain biking. The rest of the sibs, along with my cousin Sam, went to the Park City Resort to ride the Alpine Slide, Alpine Coaster and Zip Line. Nils met us just in time for the coaster.

Man- I LOVE these guys! Am I a lucky gal, or what?

Later that night we met more of the Nelson clan for dinner at Windy Ridge Cafe for dinner. Along with the food and atmosphere being fantastic- the company was superb! 
I have to give props to my Grammy Jean who made THIS family her top priority and created a lifetime worth of memories for us to build on. She left quite the legacy! Getting together is such a TREAT- and this night was no exception. One of the best times this trip FOR SURE! 
Being a Nelson is an absolute honor- and pleasure!

...did someone say 'DESSERT?'
I gave the waitress my camera to take our pic RIGHT as our DESSERT, compliments of the chef, came out. You'd have thought we'd never tasted pie before (but I assure you, we hadn't tasted pie like this before. It was SO SO SO yummy!). 
This was the pic she got:

If only we all lived a little closer to one another.


Random Addi

After coming inside from coloring on the driveway with sidewalk chalk

ADDI: Mom, I drew a very special word for you outside.
ME:     How nice, Addi. What does it say?
ADDI: I don't know, I can't read.