Water Parks

We discovered Cowabunga Bay WAY too late last Summer. I think we finally went there only a week before we moved to Minnesota- and it was awesome! Needless to say, Cowabunga was on the top of our UT Summer To-Do List. The Bollingers have season passes so they came along.
Since Tolman isn't in any of these pics, they were probably taken while he was M.I.A. for about 2 hours- and that is no joke. Because Dave and I were both there, plus friends, we all figured someone else was with Tol. When we finally put it together we realized that no one had seen him for about 2 hours. The search party began and I'm telling you- Cowabunga is NOT the best place to lose someone (is there ever a good place?). We combed that place over and over for a good 45 minutes- and yes, I was FREAKING OUT- until Dave and Mike finally found him. He was stationed at one of the buckets, dumping water on passers-by. I guess he'd been going down slides and doing his own thing having a great time all by himself. That deserves me Mother Of The Year, right?

The Monday after Dave went back home, my mom took Jess, Nils, the kids and I to Kearns Pool. That place is also pretty dang great! It is the PERFECT place for kids and adults alike. Or people like Nils who can't decide which category he falls under ;) It looks like he was having a little too much fun in the kiddie pools- but he redeemed himself by jumping off the platforms. Jess jumped off the platforms, too. I didn't- too afraid of heights. I know, I know- I did go sky diving but it's different and you won't understand unless you've also gone sky diving (I actually don't understand myself. It was a total out-of-body/mind, "what the HELL?" experience.)
Tol on the other hand doesn't seem to be afraid of anything. He was excited to go on the Low Diving Board, but when I showed him the High-Dive he was ALL OVER IT! No hesitation whatsoever. He jumped off that thing at least 15 times and would have done it all day if we would have let him (he was too little to go on the platforms). Addison decided she wanted to jump off the low dive, but once she got up there she realized it was higher than she thought so she turned around and climbed down. About 10 minutes after that, she got it in her head that she wanted to try again. When Addi gets something in her head, she is DETERMINED and NOTHING will stand in her way. Sure enough, she did it! She didn't really enjoy it, but she at least tried it. That's my Addi- strong willed and determined.

What a FUN day!

More Ut (with the Lambs)... and still more to come...

While Dave was in town, Jan & Lee took us all to Lagoon. Our family hadn't been to Lagoon in 4 years (Addi was just a baby) so we were super excited to go.
We learned that Tol is a total dare-devil when it comes to rides! He rode all the big roller coasters and LOVED them! Sadly enough, I didn't love them! I used to LOVE LOVE LOVE roller coasters, but this time they made me queasy. It's not right. In fact, while Tol and I were in line for The Spider, I totally tried to talk him out of going on it by saying that it wouldn't be fun for him, that it looked scary and what not (all that spinning DID NOT look enticing to me). But Tol insisted on going and the only thing that got me through, besides closing my eyes and totally bracing myself, was Tol's constant giggle the ENTIRE ride- it was ADORABLE!
Addi was typical Addi and was very cautious about what she went on. She surprisingly really enjoyed the LOG RIDE and the umbrellas, but I think her favorite was BULGY the WHALE.
Although I don't "love it with all my heart," like Kriste, I think Lagoon is way fun and I'm so glad we went!

Lee also took us boating at Echo. I'm still dreaming about that day. We pretty much had the lake to ourselves and the water was perfect! We couldn't have asked for anything better.
Tol's favorite was driving the boat (no surprise there). He is STILL talking about how his most favorite part of the entire UT trip was "driving Grandpa Lee's boat by himself." Funny boy!
Ah- what I would give to go back to that perfect day.

Lee, Jan, Grandma Jeanne and Dave after our Chinese Food Dinner night- a Lamborn tradition.

And Curt left for The Worldwide Scout Jamboree in Sweden that week.
I ADORE this kid!


Serious Q.F.T. (aquired form SEVENTEEN MAGAZINE circa 1995)

After 2 full weeks of non-stop PLAYING, Dave joined us just in time for another SHIN-DIG!
The Burts were kind enough to have us ALL over for a swimming and dinner get-together, AGAIN! At least this time we weren't rained out and therefore forced to destroy the inside of their house. 

It is always a pleasure to be with these lovely ladies and their families. These girls have been by my side since High School (and some since Middle and Elementary Schools) and I owe, in large part, who I am today (good AND bad :)) to them.
I am SO blessed that we are still the BEST of friends and even though more time passes between visits these days, it's as if no time has passed at all.

...and I can't mention Q.F.T. without mentioning these dudes (who couldn't make it to the Burts'):
The Springers!
Dave & Ben have been BFFs since the 3rd Grade!! and Val & I might as well have been friends since the 3rd Grade, too (even though our love affair started when we were Sophomores) - we have QUITE the history!  Ben & Val are basically the reason why Dave & I got married.

The Springers & Lamborns reunited over a fantastic meal at Snake Creek then went to the Springer Abode in Heber.

 Words can't express how we LOVE & ADORE these guys!
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Pool Parties!

Before Dave got to Utah, we had some serious POOL TIME with my friend and my "friends' sister" (inside joke for my sbf ;))
Thanks to Wendy and Amy for letting us come swim in your pools!!
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First UP, the UP house!

The kids and I were lucky enough to go home to Utah for an entire month this Summer; Dave was able to come out and meet us for a week of that. It was fantastic! We lived it up and squeezed as much Utah Summer into that month as possible.

So the company my dad works for has been in the middle of a HUGE project for the last little while. I had heard all about it along the way from the simple idea to the finishing touches. My dad has been so passionate and pumped about this so it was super exciting for me to see the UP HOUSE in person!

Isn't the interior BEAUTIFUL?! and this is just a small glimpse.

We felt pretty special getting to have a few of our own personal tours. Tol & Addi wanted to go everyday- sometimes more than once a day. In fact, Tol was so stoked on it that he wore his Grape Soda "Ellie Badge" everyday, wherever he went. It was darling.

The detail that was put into this house was AMAZING- it matched the movie PERFECTLY! But the best part was that it is completely livable. I want this house; it is the perfect combination of functionality and charm. I'd seriously buy it if I could afford it.

The Salt Lake Parade of Homes was going on while we were there so we also got to meet Carl (from the movie)! He was the greeter. Russell wasn't there that day, but his 'Wilderness Explorer Backpack' was. It was hilarious how my kids thought they were the real people. And how Addi was scared that the house would take off at any moment.
 The UP HOUSE was a definite Utah HIGHLIGHT!