April Showers

"I don't want to turn green!"

Little miss Addi has been attached to her binki since she came out of the womb.  That girl LOVED the bink... and I did, too.  It was so nice to shove it in her mouth to solve ANY major issue or meltdown.  It did the trick like nothing else.So the big question around here was How in the world are we going to ween Addi from her BFF? I'd heard a bunch of advice on how to go about it and was gearing myself up for the few days or week (or whatever) of HELL!
Meanwhile, Addi is almost as obsessed with the song POPULAR from WICKED as she is with the binki.  One day Addi wanted to see Popular on the computer.  So as we watched it on youTube, Addi looked so distraught.  I asked her what was wrong and this is how the conversation went:

A:  Why is popular green?
M:  She came out of her mommy's tummy that color.
A:  (obviously not satisfied with my answer0 What did she suck on?
M: (having no idea what she was talking about) She sucked on a bink.
A:  SHE DID?!!  Did a bink turn her green?!
M:  (having no clue where this is all coming from) Yep- I think so.

 Addi seriously hasn't touched a binki since!  In fact, I use it against her now.  Like when she's throwing a tantrum I tell her that I'm gonna give her a binki if she doesn't stop.  It's hilarious- she is terrified of turning green!  
So where did she get this idea that sucking on something would turn someone green?  Earlier that week Addi was watching Pinocchio with my mom and was freaked out when he turned green from "sucking on" a cigar.

She now thinks that anything green (frogs, SHRECK, etc.) got that way from sucking on a binki.  Hey, whatever works.  



Sporting her 'grampy made' beanie & her sunglasses on the way to the aquarium... and at the aquarium... and on the way home from the aquarium and during the rest of the entire day.  I adore this girl!


Should I be worried?

Addi (to her 14 year old 'boyfriend'):
"Stanley, do you want to come sleep in my bed with me?  I'll show you my new pull-ups."



Happy Easter!!!
We started off the season with a little  
sugar cookie-ing & egg dying...
I only make sugar cookies twice a year- so this is a big thing for us.  My kiddos LOVE to decorate them and so do Curt & I :)  Addi decorated her "cookie sandwich" for her boyfriend, Stanley (more on that later).  I'm lame and didn't get any pics of the dyed eggs.

Grandpa Lee's EASTER EGG HUNT is something my kids look forward to ALL year long!!!... makes for a LONG year.  The Easter Bunny at grandpas totally spoils the kiddos with LOTS of TREATS, TOYS and $$$ (lucky-duck Tol found the GRAND GOLDEN EGG this year)!  And there is no better place for an EGG HUNT than Grandpa's backyard.  Thanks Grampy for a FABULOUS tradition!

The Easter Bunny left Easter BUCKETS full of SURPRISES for the Kiddie-os.  He also hid LOTS and LOTS of candy-filled eggs for them to find. 

Easter was a hit at the Lamborn/Nelson household this year.  I loved that Conference fell on Easter Sunday this year.  It was so great to sit around with my family and listen to conference while we all shoved our faces with Reese's PB cups and mini eggs.  
And conference was incredible, as always. 



Tol:  I'm gonna hop in my Lotus and head to work.
Me:  Where do you work?
Tol:  Pep Boys
Me:  I don't know if you'll make enough money at Pep Boys to drive a Lotus.
Tol:  Oh yeah- I work at Little Caesars then.

Stay off the sidewalks!!

I realize this isn't the greatest pic- but
TOL learned to RIDE a BIKE (w/o the training wheels)About 20 minutes worth of instruction from Dad and a few days worth of practice and HE HAD IT DOWN!
He's growing up too fast!