Cambree's Birthday Party!

This is where Tol lost his brand-new shoe. BUMMER!

Today was Cambree's (Tolman's friend) Birthday! We went to Classic Fun Center to celebrate.

The kids ate pizza and cupcakes, Cambree opened presents (and posed with every single one of them) and they PLAYED with all the bouncy toys and in the "jungle."



The Wobbly Walker

After a little over a month of taking a few steps here and there, Addison is officially walking. We realize she is a little late considering she's more than 16 months, but it's actually been kindof nice. Although, she's not the explorer that Tolman was, he was into everything. Addi on the other hand is content doing laps around the ottoman. Makes our job as parents easier.


Spring Break '08

So I realize that I'm not up-to -date, but I'm new at this, remember?

A couple weekends ago, my girlfriends (we missed you Kristen and Keri) and I went to St. George (compliments of the Miles') to celebrate my 2 year anniversary with Ben Affleck and ELLEN!!! -okay, that's not why we went... Anyway, it was so much fun! We ATE lots, laughed lots and shopped lots. The MAC store in Vegas sure was happy to see all us deprived Utah girls, the Nordstrom MAC counter just doesn't cut it sometimes. Anyway, besides shopping, we also went to "The Price is Right LIVE!" in Vegas. Unfortunately, the price was not right for any of us :( I'd share more, but what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

I am so lucky to have such a great group of friends! Here's a shout-out to all my girlies: HOLLA!


Addison's 1st Haircut

Mom gave Addi the "star treatment" and brought the salon home to her. Addi was very good. She held very still and was actually enjoying it (a true girlie girl).