Elephant Walk

Today was the 'Elephant Walk' @ The Gateway. I let Tol ditch school so we could go with the other kids and Moms in our ward.
We joined Katie and Audrey & rode TRAX down (we couldn't let them go alone incase Katie's water broke.. hee hee) and that was quite the experience. It was great riding it TO, but the ride home with 3 tired kids was a little rough.
Anyway, we met the Offrett's and Galloway's there and watched all 3 minutes of the parade. It was short, but fun. The kids loved it! Then we let the kids run around and got some lunch.
All of us waiting for the elephants... Here they come!!!


The Big 3-0!!!

Happy Birthday, Babe!!!!
Dave has finally started the exciting, yet ambiguous journey called "the 30's."
Some of you may dread a "mile-stone birthday," but Dave and I find ourselves thinking, "FINALLY!"...even though I'm not quite there yet.
As great as the 20's are, they hold A TON of pressure! The 20's is a time of uncertainty, a time you must make life-forming decisions. It is a time when you should start acting as an adult (something COMPLETELY foreign to most). Many get married in their 20's, start a family and a career in their 20's. The decisions made and actions taken in the 20's, in my opinion, impact the rest of one's entire life more than any other era. Like I said, PRESSURE! Maybe those who dread turning 30 didn't do much with their 20's. Maybe not.
Being Dave's 30th and all, I'd like to commend him for a decade's job well done!! He accomplished so much in his 20's. Dave returned honorably from a Japanese mission; married (an AMAZING woman, I might add... hee hee); had 2 adorable and healthy children; graduated from college; followed his dream by applying to, being accepted to and starting medical school (he's mere months away from graduating); bought his first home and most importantly, EXCELLED in every aspect. Mediocre was taken out of Dave's vocab for good in his 20's. Sure, there are things he would take back or do over if he had the chance, but I guess that's all part of the adventure.
I know I've expressed it here before, but I am so proud of Dave for his accomplishments. He is an amazing example to me of hard work, perseverance, dedication, loyalty and balance.
Dave, I love you! I am truly the LUCKIEST woman to be married to you.
Here is to an even more FABULOUS 30's!!!
Last night I had a SURPRISE party for the birthday boy. And boy was he ever surprised... I was surprised by that. I thought for sure I had given it away somehow (good thing he was so pre-occupied with school stuff to notice any hints). Let's just say there was Lot's of good friends (thanks to all who came), food and fun!!!
Birthday hug (w/ Addi in the background wondering what's going on) AND Dave blowing out his 30 candles!
More pics of the cupcake-cake cause it was AWESOME!!!! Thanks to my talented and amazing momma for making this masterpiece.
Party games involved Rock Band, Pin-Pong and Strip Poker.
Westvale Elementary graduates. This picture is classic because on the left is Ben, Dave's BFF since 3rd grade. On the right is Dana, Dave's 3rd grade girlfriend. All still great friends. Go Ghetto Westvale!
And a little more Rock Band. Dave, YOU ROCK!! Happy 30th!!



Here is the rest of my San Francisco post:
First of all, in the preview picture I mimicking the Juan Marichal statue outside the Giants' AT&T field. As you'll see in the slideshow above, my sisters, parents and I had a contest to see who did the best job. I totally won! Ha ha.
Anyway, a couple weekends ago my Dad's cousin, Brooke got married in Half Moon Bay (a suburb of S.F). I was one of the lucky one's invited so I couldn't pass up the opportunity to go! It was hands down the nicest wedding I have ever attended.
The ceremony was at 'Liquid Sky Vineyard.' It was basically on a cliff that over looked the ocean. Brooke looked absolutely stunning as she walked down her rose pedal aisle. After the ceremony and cocktail hour, we were taken to Cetrella Restaurant where the reception was. Talk about detail oriented! From the party favors to the wedding cake... amazing! We ate the most DELICIOUS food and danced to the most FABULOUS band. It was definitely a night to remember. The only thing that would've made it better is if Dave were able to go. School conflict. LAME!
Before we headed to Half Moon Bay for the festivities, we spent 2 days in San Fran. When I FINALLY met my parents and sisters there (ya, I missed my flight so I didn't get there til the late afternoon instead of the morning), we walked around the city and met my Aunt & Uncle from New York for dinner. They were also there for the wedding. It was fun to spend time with them since I don't get to see them near enough.
The next day after meeting up with Summer, Eric and Mindy (fam from Park City) for breakfast, MY fam decided to go to Alcatraz. After waiting in the line forever, the tickets for the day sold out. WHAT? So we decided to rent bikes and ride across the Golden Gate Bridge. Let's just say I'm a little out of shape. Getting to the bridge was all uphill and freakin' TOUGH! But it was AWESOME! The coolest part for me was riding with my Dad. As some of you may know, he's had a lot of health problems in his life. He's had more than one kind of cancer, Multiple Sclerosis and Demilantation Neuropathy (sp?). Those are just the big ones. When I was younger, I didn't think my Dad would be around when I got older. Not only is he around, but he's doing AWESOME! His health has improved quite a bit and not only that, but he is addicted to working-out (mid-life?). He ROCKED the bike ride! He was literally riding circles around us, well Me anyway. It hit me then how lucky I am to have my Dad around & especially that he is healthy (considering) and in-shape.
After the work-out of my life, we met the whole fam for the Giants vs. Pirates game. It was a CRAPPY game, as far as the actual game went. But we still had a good time.
The field is beautiful and, thanks to my cousin Rich, we had the BEST seats (until we moved up to sit by our parents). For the record, I'm not much of a baseball fan, but it is pretty cool to be at a Major League game. Luckily, I come from a family of baseball fans so I've been to a few and I've loved every one.
It was so great to spend time with my family, from my Aunts & Uncles to all of my Grandma Jean's sisters, who I've been blessed to be close to my whole life. The only one missing on this trip (besides Dave) was my Grandma Jean. Although I'm sure she was smiling down on us. In my opinion, her biggest accomplishment in this life was her family. I have SOooooo many good memories of my Grammy Jean (I'll save that for another post), and because of her, we have a super close extended family who knows what fun is. It's always a party with the Nelson/Anderson clan! I LOVE YOU ALL!!!

Monday night, my girlfriends got together to shower Kriste & Baby Beckem with gifts.
We met for dinner at Cafe Trio (one of my fave's) and had a GREAT time!
I actually discovered Cafe Trio when I was pregnant with Tolman. It was in the news that a pizza @ Trio was known for putting women into labor. Let's just say that Dave and I went about 4 times in one week (when I was about to POP), and I didn't even get sick of the chicken & garlic pizza (Dave might have been sick of a garlic-smelling wife :). I still was induced. Kriste said she still needed a few more days before the arrival of Beck, so she ordered a cheese pizza instead.
We are all so excited for the newest arrival and can't wait to meet the bouncing baby boy!


Simon says:

Tolman is getting VERY creative to get what he wants. Here's the latest:
(In the car on the way home from dinner)

Tol: Let's play 'Simon Says.'
Me & Dave: okay
Tol: Simon says touch your pants
*dave and I touch our pants*
Tol: Simon says touch your nose
*dave and I touch our noses*
Tol: Simon says turn on the CD player and turn it to #6 right now.

Tolman LOVES #6 on this particular CD... thanks Ben!
This is what happened after Dave did turn it on:
Tol: Turn it up
Me: You didn't say 'Simon says'

Then Tol threw a fit.



San Francisco

stay tuned...

Thoughts on...

If I've appeared to be even more of a single mom lately, it's because Dave has spent countless hours (on top of his already school filled agenda) working on his residency application. It has been quite the process. I thought the medical school application process was bad (and believe me, it WAS) and this is a close 2nd.
It amazes me how much time and effort Dave CONSTANTLY puts into his education.
Not only is he learning about things that are super complicated and challenging and trying to find a way to absorb as much as he can and understand it all and why and how it all happens (whew!), but that's just part of it. Time-managment and organization are also a HUGE part of it. I don't know how he keeps it all straight. It seems like he is always having to meet with so-and-so here, sign some paperwork there, submit this for that, or pick-up that for this. During all that, he had to put together an application including letters of recomendation and a personal statement (ugh!). Following? The funny thing is, he doesn't have any modern way of keeping it all together. He just crams it all in his brain, and what doesn't fit, he writes on his hand... and we wonder why our kids think it's fine to draw on their skin...
Anyway, being 4th year, and with his res. application done and submitted... YEPEE!... things will start settling down here pretty soon. He is taking 2 weeks off in October and he'll have all of Nov. and Dec. off!! He is taking the time off to interview. That means LOTS of vacations (hopefully I'll be able to join him for a few) and LOTS of down time.
He has already been invited to 2 interviews; one in Alabama and the other in Michigan.
We won't find out where he's going to do his residency until March (another waiting game). Basically, we could be ANYWHERE a year from now. He applied to 32 programs with only one being in Utah. So chances are we'll be somewhere else. In a way, I'd love to get outta here and live somewhere else. Experience something new and embark on a new adventure: sounds fun and exciting. But I'd also love to stay here and be close to friends & family and still be able to work in a salon. For those of you who are also hair stylists, you know it's not realistic to go to a new city with a family and expect to work in a salon and make money right away. It took about 4 years for me to build a good, stable clientelle (and I didn't have kids yet, so I could work around any prospective client's schedule). So ya, my career would be done. That would be hard, I love my job and all my fabulous clients! But I have to put things into perspective. Yes, I LOVE doing hair, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE being a mom and wife soooo much more. That is my calling in life and I am completely content with that. So if we are to move, bring it on! As they say, the only constant in life is change.
So here's to the beginning of our next phase in life...


First Day of Pre-School

Tol started pre-school again! (Now I find myself wondering where the summer went). He is very excited to be back at school with all his friends and his teachers- especially Miss Debbie- Tol LOVES her!

He isn't in the same class as Collin and Cambree this year so that's kindof a bummer. I was actually wondering how Tol would like it, not being with his friends, but so far- so good!

His teacher's are Miss Launa, Miss Debbie and Miss Denise. They are all great teachers.

All ready to go!

Trying to get a pic of Tol at school. For those of you who know Tol, it should come as no suprise that he wouldn't pose with Collin and Cambree. He HATES a lot of attention. Sooo like his mom- NOT!


Tol is growing up so fast and I don't know how I feel about it. This time next year I'll be sending him off to kindergarten! Crazy! Is there some way to slow down the process?



Addison LOVES her binkis!! Tolman never took a binki after 8 months so this is a whole new thing for me. I haven't even begun to think about weening her off the bink, but I'm not predicting it to be an easy task. It doesn't bother Dave nor I that Addi still has a binki- we actually think it's cute. Just as long as it isn't in ALL the time... and it's not. But is 2 binkis at once too much?