If you haven't checked out my sis's (Chelsea) blog, you should. I love and admire Chel so much and I absolutely LOVE her posts. I guess I live vicariously through her sometimes and totally enjoy reading about her experiences and especially her thoughts. Thought you might like it, too.




Watering the flowers... and stuff.

Tol is concerned that I'll kill the flowers again this year so he's in charge of watering. What it comes down to is my Mom has the ultimate green thumb, and not only that but she is awesome at it. She's been looking at my poor empty planter (that she bought me last year with beautiful flowers that I quickly killed) since the snow melted. She finally gave up any hope that I'd do something with it and took matters into her own hands. I came home to a beautiful suprise yesterday afternoon. The first thing Tol said when he noticed them was, "please don't kill these ones, okay Mom." My planter looks great, thanks mom!

Tol decided the tree and grass needed a little water, too.

And so did the tire. Cute bum!!

When you're a kid, there's nothing better than a drink from the hose. Cute Addison wanted to get in on the action.

I wish I'd zoomed in for this pic, but I had to capture the moment. Tol finally got Ad with the hose. This is her trying to escape the water.

Poor Addi couldn't move fast enough. She got drenched!


The After Party

After preschool we went to Cambree's and went swimming.
The pool was chuck full of 4 yr olds.
Kristen & Baby Ty and Addi Belle
Addi is just chillin' and Tol and Collin on the shark
Collin and Summer
Parker and Cambree
(Ryan and Logan were also there)
It was such a fun day! Thanks S.B.F. for opening your home and pool to us.
It's nice to have friends like you (especially when it's 500 degrees)!

Random Tolisms...

Tolman has been saying the funniest things lately so I thought I'd share.

1. We were getting ready for pre-school and I asked Tol at least 5 times to get his shoes on. He still wasn't listening so I finally said, "I'm not going to ask you again!" He replied, "Good! I don't want you to ask me again!"

2. Addi was having an unusually fussy night. Tol had had it with her and said, "we should just return her. Not to Nordstrom, maybe to Costco or like... Home Depot."

3. Tol was super grumpy at dinner (he didn't want pork chops or asparagus, just the cous cous) and later after his bath he said, " I was having a rough time at dinner, but I'm not rough anymore."

4. So this one is out-dated but it's a classic. So first of all, Tol has an imaginary cat named Maggie. So we were singing "Book of Mormon Stories." After we were done:
Tol: Sorry I wasn't doing the actions, Mom
Me: That's okay, buddy.
Tol: I was busy feeding Maggie.
Me: Okay
Tol: On my boob
Awesome, my little boy is breastfeeding his imaginary cat!

Cars and jeeps

Anyone who knows our little Tol knows he LOVES cars! He can name most makes and is now learning the models of cars (and trucks). People are amazed and suprised by his car knowledge. Last summer we went to Disneyland and when we were at the car rental place, the guy getting us our car was holding a set of keys and he said to Tol, "if you can tell me what kind of car these are to , you can have the car." Tol looked at the keys and said, "a toyota." They were toyota keys and the man ate his words pretty fast. (We drove away in a navy Lincoln towncar thanks to Dave's weird preferences).
Tol has a friend Tracy who is also into cars. This is them in their element.

We went to the offroad show with our friend's, the Bollinger's. Tol and Tracy were in car (or jeep) heaven!
Everett took Addison on a spin (or two).

At the Bollinger's House

Tol and Addi taking turns in Tracy's jeep.

Playing in the Honda and playing with a Toyota!


Like Mother, like son

So for those of you that know me, you probably know that I was a vain child. At a very young age I was demanding that my mom not wear her red sweats to be the "helper mom" at my school. I also made her drop me off at the crosswalk instead of walking me to the school because she was usually in her running clothes. I could go on and on with funny stories.
Well, it's now gone full circle. This morning I got up early and went to the gym. I still hadn't showered when Tol and I were talking about how we get to pick up Cambree for pre-school. Tol was very excited about that. Then he looked a bit concerned and said, "you need to put on make-up before we go." I asked why and he said, "cause you don't look very good." OUCH!!


The HAPPIEST Mother's Day!

First of all, I believe my greatest callings in life are being a wife and mother. I love both roles equally but in different ways. Today my thoughts center around being a mom to my 2 amazing kids. I love you, Tol and Addi, more than you'll ever understand. You are my love, my joy, my life. Thankyou for the happiness you bring to my every moment. Thankyou for your patience with me. Thankyou for allowing me to learn and grow with you. Love you silly guys!
I love Mother's Day and today was the BEST!! Thanks to my fam for making it so great.
First of all, I got SPOILED! The kids gave me a balloon (they were so excited about it) and Dave gave me the cutest handbag (can never have too many), a watch and a Sarah McLachlan CD.
So we got up and went to church with my fam at 9. Can I just say that 9:00 church is the Best?! Ours is at 1:00 and we are tempted to switch to the spanish ward that meets at 9 in our building. With 2 kids (or even without) 1:00 sucks!
After church, we went to my parent's house and spent the rest of the day and evening there. The highlight of the day was the phone call from Nils. He is on the mish in Joao Pessoa, Brazil. He sounded great! I think he's struggling with the fact that he's coming home in 1 month (from today), but everything must come to an end. He's been a fantastic missionary and we are all so proud of him.
Coming in at a close 2nd was the JAZZ GAME!!! It's a good thing they won so all us Mom's wouldn't have to deal with grumpy husbands on Mother's Day!! I'm rude, but I kindof hope Kobe's back really is hurt so we can have an edge for our game in LA on Wednesday. Not that we couldn't pull it off, but we'll take all the help we can get, right? Now the trick is getting our hands on tickets for Friday's game. We'll see how that pans out.
Curt provided the Mother's Day entertainment. (He's gonna kill me!)

Sweet Shades!
Chel took my mom and I (not together) on a ride on her new bike. YIKES!

Gram and Gramp came to visit!
Auntie Jess cuddling with tired Addi!
Like I said, today was great! And Mom, thanks for being the most amazing Mom and Grammy in the world. We all love you so much!!


Big Brother

So this post should be down with the Girls Trip, but I just recieved the pic (thanks Amber) and thought it was blog worthy.
So to all you Big Brother fans (I swear there's an unfortunate small number of us), you'll know that this is me and "Chicken" George!! We ran into him on our way out of the "Price is Right" theater at Bally's in Vegas. He was super nice, adorable and hilarious! No, I wouldn't compare it to meeting (and HUGGING) my boyfriend, Ben Affleck- sorry Georgie- but it was still cool nonetheless.


"Kickin' It"

So Tolman is in love with our neighbors, Brandon and Jenn. He never asks to play with friends his own age, it's ALWAYS, "can I go see Brandon and Jenn?" Dave and I try to limit his visits to their house so he doesn't wear out his welcome (which is easy for a 3 year old to do). And did I mention that Tol also LOVES Yogi, their dog? In fact, Tol goes over to take Yogi on walks when really it ends up being Brandon and Yogi taking Tol on a walk. Anyway, you get the point.
So last night Tol is saying his bedtime prayers and he says, "I'm thankful for Yogi and that he makes me happy and I'm thankful for Brandon and Jenn and that they let me 'kick-it' with them."

So to Brandon, Jenn and Yogi, thanks for being GREAT neighbors and being such good friends to Tol (and us).