"Getting Old" PARTY

Don, Curtis, Me, Cory and Greg. LOVE these guys!!

I haven't seen most of these fellas forever and it was so much fun to catch up! The Harmons had us over for the Jazz game- THANKS Cory and Katie.
I have so many fun and FUNNY memories that involve these fellas. Now they're all (kinda) grown-up, (kinda) mature, responsible adults. Maybe that's why Curtis called it a "getting old" party.
Let's not wait another forever before we do it again!



I guess I was paying too much attention to my phone convo with my mom and sweeping the hay off my floor to hear the bathroom sink running... and running... and RUNNING... UNTIL Miss Addi Belle came in singing,
looking like this:

The bathroom looked like this:

... and believe me, this DOES NOT do the situation justice.


Random TOLism

Sitting down to a COSTCO piece of pizza, Tol said,
"this is a SERIOUS piece of pizza!"

And that, it was.


Zing Zang Zoom

Dave & I took the kids to the circus this year. Dave had never been and it's been years since I went, I don't know who enjoyed it more- the kids or us. It was AWESOME! I can't believe the things these circus people do.

We had great seats so we were up close and personal with all the action...
including the "super wedgie."

"The 4 stages of a CIRCUS FIT"

1. Throwing herself on the ground
2. Daddy picking her up before she becomes prostrate and distracting her with something else.

3. Addi milking it for everything while producing LOTS of tears.
4. Daddy teasing the Drama Queen, forcing her to SCREAM for Mommy.

Hopefully the Circus visits Minnesota so we can go again next year.


Dave on Tap...

"Do you think that if I tried as hard as I could, I'd succeed as a rapper?"


Single Ladies

Addison and I have a simple bedtime routine. Her room, lights off (with a tiny bit of light from the night-light), sitting in her chair with her snuggled on my lap. We say prayers then sing songs. I LOVE this time with my baby girl.
We usually sing songs like "TWINKLE," "BELLS," and "POPCORN."
Tonight, after listening to her saying her cute, 2 year old prayer, I asked her what she wanted to sing. She said, "The oh oh oh song," while flipping her hand back and forth. Translation: "Single Ladies" by Beyonce- and if you've seen the music video or last weeks episode of 'glee,' you'll get the hand flipping.
So there we were, in the described setting, singing (in a Lullaby-type voice), "All you single ladies All you single ladies... If you liked it then you should have put a ring on it..."

Just another tender, mother/daughter moment.