Addison: Knock Knock
Anyone around: Who's there?
Addison: "Budge" (orange)
Anyone around: orange who?
Addison: "Nyak" (snack)

It makes absolutely no sense, but Addi gets the biggest kick out of it and says it CONSTANTLY throughout the day. It gets a little old sometimes, but is still cute and pretty funny (:

To view this and Tol's talent, check out http://chelbel314.blogspot.com/2008/10/tol.html


More Millcreek

This is out of order, but you know the pic of the fam in Millcreek Canyon? Well, we had such a great time in the mountains that we went a few nights later with the ENTIRE fam minus Nils.
It was so much fun! Chel was in town so that made it even more fun. We made tin foil dinners, roasted marshmallows and made banana boats... YUMMY! The best part was being with the fam. I love my family sooooo much and am grateful we are the BOMB!!!!!


It is 12:09 am. Dave is out of town and the kids have been asleep since 9ish.
For the past 2 hours or so, I've been indulging myself with web-logs (I agree, Chantel, 'blog' is such a gross word. Was it really necessary to shorten a 2 syllable word? Is it a difficult word to say? Or are we just lazy? The reason doesn't matter. All that matters is that tonight, I will be using the FULL word). After reading so many web-logs, I am inspired.
Inspired to be better.
Inspired to do more.
Inspired to find myself.
Inspired to know what I want & what I deserve.
Inspired to grow my testimony.
Inspired to read more & write more.
Inspired to learn and to understand.
Inspired to take time for the things that make me happy.
Inspired to create.
Inspired to love and accept unconditionally.
Inspired to laugh more, a lot more.
I am inspired to be better.
To friends, family and strangers, thanks for the inspiration.


scarecrow festival

We went with the Buchanan's to the "Scarecrow Festival" and had a haunting ghoul, I mean good, time!

Here comes the flood!

No, I am not referring to a recent 'Grey's Anatomy' episode, I am actually referring to my work place.
Sometime between late Tuesday night and early Wednesday morning, a water pipe BUSTED in the ceiling and it caved in on the salon (and some other businesses in the building). Let's just say EVERYTHING was SOAKED and RUINED!!! Pretty much the entire salon has to be gutted.
For all my clients reading this: HELLO! Haven't we already been through enough? Changing salons 3 times in a year and now this? I'm starting to think one of us (meaning stylists) has some bad energy (I'm sounding like Kathy) or karma following us around.
Not to worry, I'm still working in the same building, just not on the same floor. We were booted to the dungeon until the salon is up and running.
The good thing is, the "new" salon will be much improved. Completely new set-up (no more angled stations... Hip Hip!) and best of all, new hydrolic chairs and shampoo chairs (double HIP HIP!!!)! What isn't ripped out in the pictures below, will be.

My old station (sad) and my new station in the dungeon. Nice set-up, eh? It's actually an office that they rent out.

The picture on the right is what's left of my friend, Dana's, room. She is our new esthetician. Isn't that FABULOUS?!! It is fabulous to have such a wonderful esthetician there, but even more fab that I get to work with one of my BF's.
Anyway... that's all.


Millcreek Canyon


donations accepted

So many people have asked about Dave's interview progress. It's so nice that people care and are interested... or maybe you just act like you care and are interested. Either way, here's an update for ya'll. So far, Dave has been invited to a BUNCH of interviews. He has accepted most invites and has rejected a few. "Why would he apply to a program then not accept an interview invite?" you may ask... Answer: time and money. The process only lasts a couple months and he can't fit 25+ trips in that amount of time. It's all about prioritizing at this point.
Okay, so the list to-date is:
*U of Michigan
*U of Iowa
*U of Alabama
*U of New Mexico
*Mayo Clinic (Minnesota)
*U of U ... we have a chance at staying!
*Penn State
*U of Rochester
*U of Kentucky
*U of Virginia
*Ohio State U
*U of Arizona
*Washington U
So it goes without saying that it is definitely a COSTLY time for us. Flights, hotels (actually, a lot of the schools put you up which is soooo great) and car rentals= Empty Bank Account. Owell. It's all part of it. But we won't turn away donations. jk!
I'll continue to keep you posted...



Lucky # 7 Tag Okay, Monica, I'll play.
7 Things I Can Do:
*recite the alphabet saying the letter sounds instead of the letters in less than 4 seconds
*say I've been skydiving
*cry UNCONTROLLABLY at ANY wedding ceremony
*harmonize to about any song... I love to sing... not saying I'm good at it
*the right splits
*make an impressive birthday cake
*organize & multi-task (I guess that's 2 in 1... owell)
7 Things I Cannot Do:
*listen to music with words while reading
*relax in a messy room or go to bed with a messy house
*a cartwheel
*cook (I guess I CAN, I just don't. Dave LOVES to cook and I HATE it, so he does it)
*speak another language
*ask directions... much to Dave's dismay
*say I have ever mowed the lawn... I never have, ever. But I think I might like it
7 Things that Attracted Me to Dave:
*he laughs almost anything off
*his brains
*he balances me out
*he is pretty easy-going
*his AMAZING Mr. Burns body
*his determination
*he LOVES me
7 Things I Say Most Often:
*Oh My Gosh!
*That's awesome!
*like... isn't that right Grant and Shad?
*crazy... Dave says it's my default adjective
*no way!
*SHIT!... only when something disasterous is about to happen
7 Celebrity Admiration's:
*ELLEN!!! DeGenerous, that is
*Brad Pitt cause he's beautiful
*Ben Affleck cause he's SEXY
*Portia de Rossi cause she's married to Ellen
*Angelina Jolie cause she lives in sin with Brad
*Jennifer Garner cause she's married to Benny
*that's all. I only subscribe to "STAR" for the crossword... no lie
7 Favorite Foods (in no particular order):
*anything 'pumpkin' flavored. ie: ice cream, pancakes, pumpkin roll from Walmart
*cereal... is there a pumpkin cereal?
*Avacado eggrolls from Cheesecake Factory
*cookie dough, hold the chocolate chips
*fresh, seasonal fruit
*Dave's grilled hamburgers
*my dad's mashed potatoes
7 People to Tag:
*Katie F.
*Rachael B.
*Julie G.
*Kristen B.
*Holly P.


welcoming fall

What better way to bring in October than to go boating.
We haven't been once this summer due to our CrAzY and hectic schedules. Now Dave has a little time off so we took advantage. Luckily, the weather was great, the water was glass and we had a fabulous time!

The kids loved riding in the boat. Good thing the glassy lake was pretty empty cause we were stirring it up. The kids loved it when it was "bumpy." Dave and I were getting a little dizzy going in circles for so long.

Quite the little skippers.

Addi was a trooper wearing her life-jacket for so long. She kept saying, "jacket." And we had to get a pic of Tol peeing off the back. Hee hee!

The kids didn't want to get in the water after Dave jumped in and FROZE, so they played on the swim deck and splashed their feet in the water.

It was so much fun just being with our little family. But what would a Lamborn family outing be without some complications. I won't go into details, but let's just say Dave & I were left with a million mosquito bites (thankfully,the kids were spared) and 2 busted cell phones!! LAME!