Yes, this is Tolman having a nap in the back of the Subaru.


Happy Easter!

I just LOVE EASTER! It is one of my very favorite holidays. We had a great time this year with all the festivities. Saturday, we had the annual Easter Egg Hunt in Grandpa Lee's backyard. Tol found the Golden Egg AND the Grand Egg (with a little help from Dad). Tol and Addi love spending time with their Lamborn (and only) cousins.

Tol also found a toy Subaru wrapped in a plastic baggie.

Then, we woke up Sunday morning to find what the Easter Bunny brought. The kiddos got spoiled, as usual. The Easter Bunny hid Spiderman Eggs for Tol and Princess Eggs for Addi.

Then we quickly got ready for church. I do like 9:00 church, but it was a little rough getting there on time Easter morning. What am I talking about? It's ALWAYS hard to get there on time. Anyway... here the kiddos decked in their Easter garb. CUTIES!!

Then we went to my parents' for dinner. I LOVE parties at my parents. It is always so much fun with LOTS and LOTS of good food! Amoungst the guests were 2 of my Grandma Jean's sisters, Donna and Mitzi. We love them so much and were so glad they were able to join us. We missed Chel this year. It wasn't the same without her, but she had fun eating hot dogs in Seattle. Cory and Katie Harmon came over, too, and that is always a treat. They have such a darling family. I love all of them, but especially little Lainey. She is a doll, and she loves me and she loves food. Great combo.
Here is Tolman, Lainey and Addison shoving EVERY piece of candy in sight into their mouths. Look at their mouths, they're all chuck full! Their parents were also shoving their faces with all the delectable desserts. I love Easter and Easter TREATS!!! (I'm STILL stuffed!)

I have to add that I am so grateful for the Savior and His Atoning Sacrafice for ME! What an amazing and humbling thing it is. I am grateful that He was Resurrected and that we will be, too, and will be able to live with Him and all our loved ones again and FOREVER someday!

Boring Lunch!


I am the spokesperson for...

Last night Dave and I were hanging out with our friends, Cory and Katie. Cory asked Dave if he ever listens to KRCL. Let me just tell you that Dave LOVES KRCL and has listened to it since High School, so his face naturally lit up. I went on to say that Dave could be the spokesperson for four things. They are (in no particular order): KRCL (90.9- for those who don't know), Public Librarys, Public Transportation and Boulder, UT.
Then I asked what I could be the spokesperson for. Dave thought for a minute then said, "cookie dough, blogging, and downloading digital scrapbooking stuff."
Am I really that boring?


Seattle is PARADISE!

This past weekend Tol and I went to Seattle to visit Chelsea and we had a BLAST! In fact, it was so much more fun than expected. Not that I didn't think that Chel would deliver, it's just that I wasn't sure how Tol would be. He was FANTASTIC and the three of us made the PERFECT trio!
Bear with me. I'm going to post a lot of pics to illustrate the vacay!

First stop was the BUBBLE-GUM WALL! Here is me contributing to the unsanitary nastiness.

And here is my nasty gum front and center.. the big white one. *Isn't this a cool pic?

Then it was off to Pike's Place. I couldn't get enough of this place- it was awesome! Seriously, call me a nerd, but it had the most BEAUTIFUL produce and flowers, all at a STEAL of a DEAL! It was also fun to see the guys in their waders throwing the GIANT fish around.

Look at all this FRESH and YUMMY pasta! I bought orange & dark chocolate Gemilli. DELISH!!

Tol and me checking out the SALMON.

Lookie at all these PRETTY flowers. This picture doesn't do them justice. The big bunches you see to the right were for sale for between $5 and $15. Crazy deals. If I lived there, I'd constantly have a house full of FRESH flowers... My mothers dream (and reality).

Mmmm PEPPERS!...


and a BIG apple on Tol's BIG head. I'm not being mean, he's a Nelson.

and here he is, Jelly tasting.


Nothing better than a chocolate dipped strawberry... or marshmallow (which is what I got, of course).

So while we were thoroughly enjoying ourselves in the middle of a Saturday afternoon, some LOSER decides to leave (or take) a little present. This is what we found when we walked back to Chel's car: a broken window and a missing GPS.

And to think that we paid $5 to park there... for an hour... on a Saturday afternoon... in a BUSY area. Whatever.
However, we did not let it ruin our fun (it actually added to it, driving around with a LOUD garbage bag over the door... we couldn't get it fixed til Monday).

We were immediately off to the crab pot. Please realize that I am
swallowing every bit of pride by posting this picture of me. I thought they told me to dip my face in the butter, not the crab. O well. *Dana, I need help!*

What trip to Seattle would be complete without the SPACE NEEDLE?

On top of the Space Needle.

Eating at the Space Needle Restaurant. Tol thought it was the coolest restaurant (so did I) because it is 500 feet in the air and it SPINS so you get a 360 degree view of the city.

Balancing precariously on a rolling ball. Now that's talent.

On our way back to the car, we noticed an exotic car show. Despite us not having official invites and being rather under-dressed, a security guard let us in.
Here is Tol in a Ford Limo.

And outside the sweet limo.

Tol with a Lotus and a Lamborghini...

and an Aston Martin.

He was in 7th heaven as you can imagine.

The next day, Chel had some meetings so Tol and I went on a long walk along a trail that led us to a fun playground and lots of ducks and geese to feed.
Tol liked this bridge.


Feeding the fowl.

Next up, KIRKLAND, where Jason Mesnick (the Bachelor) is from. No sightings, though. Isn 't it pretty?

Chel met us there on her motorcycle so we could have the car. She let Tol start it.

Thankfully, it is a law to wear your helmets in Washington, as it SHOULD be everywhere else, too.



Giant Octupus

Chel the Scuba Diver caught Jami the eel. Why is Chel the one who looks nervous? I'm the one being captured!

A night around the fire-pit making SMORES!! YUM

This is Tol, Chel and her landlord, Joseph.

As I said, and as you can see, I loved every bit of my time in Seattle with Tol and Chel. I loved spending time with my sister. I have always admired Chelsea and have looked up to her but after this trip, she is even more than a hero of mine. She hasn't had an easy road. She has dealt with painful challenges in her life that I will never begin to imagine. She is strong and immovable. She knows who she is and is comfortable with that. She is confident in herself. She knows what she wants in life and won't stop til it's hers. She has a zest for life and adventure. There is nothing she can't do. She loves herself, others and God unconditionally. She see's the positive in everything. She is open to other's ideas, even when they are not her's. She's real.
This time with Chelsea was a gift to me. I learned a lot about myself this weekend. Chel helped me open my eyes and see me for me. She boosted my self-confidence and self-esteem, for sure, and for that I am grateful.
Chel, thanks for the best weekend ever and for seeing the beauty in everyone and everything. I hope to be like you someday. Love you!

Well, an $800 Delta credit, a one night free hotel room and 4 meal vouchers later, we headed home a day late. Totally worth it. Especially when we boarded the plane and realized we were in FIRST CLASS!