The RANK LIST is in!!!

It is finally out of our hands. Our rank list for residency is in! It is a little scary and nerve-wracking, hoping we made the right choices. But whatever, it is done and submitted and here are the top 5:

1. Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota - 3 year (we'd spend the first year here)
2. Mayo Clinic 4 year
3. University of Utah
4. Mass General in Boston, Massachusetts
5. University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Michigan

We are really hoping to go to Minnesota for so many reasons. It would be sad to leave my job, friends and family, but the pros of leaving outweigh the cons for sure.
Match day is March 19th so stay posted! YIKES!

The tax MAN!

So we got our taxes done the other night... sometimes a dreaded task... and I had to put a plug in for our AWESOME tax man.
His name is Jeff Dalebout and he is located in Orem. TOTALLY worth the jaunt if your not from around there. He is FAST, affordable and is in the know on how to get you your MAXIMUM REFUND (something we all want, right?).
We have been going to Jeff for 7 years now and have been more than pleased every single time. So if you're looking for someone new or are tired of doing it yourself, look him up www.daletax.com . I PROMISE you won't be disappointed!


So Romantic!

For Valentines Day this year, we joined the Bollinger Family for a very ROMANTIC and VALENTINE-ish evening with all the other white-trash out there and went to the MONSTER TRUCK JAM.
We have never been to one and have been promising Tol for quite some time that
we'd take him.
It actually was super fun. I don't know what was more fun, people watching or
watching the actual show.
I couldn't believe how LOUD it was! Luckily we came prepared with earplugs and what not. Addi couldn't figure out the head phones at first...

We styled her bangs accordingly and we dressed Tol accordingly.

Although the kiddos loved the trucks, they also loved the cotton candy and Addi LOVED sitting on Trace's lap. She doesn't look like she is enjoying it much in this pic, but I had to post it cause Tracy is so funny in it. Classic Tracy.

And last, but not least, here is me (and my GREASE) and my VALENTINE! Love you, babe!


I'm so glad when Daddy comes home...

Tol and Addi cuddled up on the porch waiting for Daddy to come home. They LOVE their Daddy!

Boat Show 09'

Dave took Tol to the Boat Show twice this year, and they both had a FABULOUS time. I can't wait til they go to the Boat Show to actually shop for a boat!


Addiction, chains and Disney!

Before I start with the happenings around the Lamborn household, I have to fill you in on what has been occupying most of my spare time lately. I am a little embarrassed to post it, but it was the BEST find (thanks Lindsey) for all you digital scrapbookers out there... (I've FINALLY got the digi-scrap thing down)! The addicting website is digifree.blogspot.com and it's AWESOME! Basically it's TONS of free stuff that is updated daily (that's why it's such a problem) that you can download and use. Another problem is that I have the downloading down (huh?), but I haven't really used anything that I've downloaded. I spend all my time downloading. No time to actually scrapbook. It's getting to be a problem, maybe an addiction. It's like shopping for free, everyday! My library is getting HUGE and I don't even use it. What to do?
Anyway, check it out!

Moving on. So a week or so ago, flights to Seattle were SOOOO CHEAP! I took advantage and booked flights for Tol and I to go see Auntie Chel. I should've waited to tell Tolman because we're not leaving until the end of March and he's been asking 10 times a day, "How many more days til we go to Chel's house?" The solution to this constant question? A chain! Tol is super into counting EVERYTHING lately... maybe a little OCD... so I thought a chain would be perfect. Instead of asking me a million times daily, he could count the links on the chain a million times daily. It's a win-win.
I pretty much did it myself since Tol is not interested in anything crafty. He enjoyed putting stickers on the links for about 5 minutes and that's all. He reminded me the whole time while making it that he doesn't like to color. Addi on the other hand was on cloud 9! She loves that stuff!

Tolman's Addition. (It says 'SEATTLE')

The finished project.
Only 57 days left to go!!


Dave and I took the kids to see Playhouse Disney. We weren't sure how it was going to go since these types of "fun " things usually turn out to be a FLOP. To our surprise and satisfaction, they both LOVED it! They SANG, DANCED, PATTED and ate POPCORN.