Last day of Summer

The day before school started we had an "End of Summer" family night @ Chester Woods. It sounds all great and cheery and for the most part it was, but let's be honest, 4 of us on a paddle boat in the middle of a lake is a little much. 
Between bumping into trees and playing musical chairs I was a nervous wreck; I thought for sure we were gonna end up swimming. But we didn't and it was a great little family adventure.
After, we went to our 'Back to School dinner' at Pannekoeken (we let the kids' choose the place). The kids love it there because when you order a 'pannekoeken' the waitress brings it to your table in a full sprint while singing "pannekoeken, pannekoeken." It's weird.
Then we went home and Dave gave both kids Priesthood Blessings. Can I just say I love to hear Dave give blessings? If you've heard him give a blessing, or even say a prayer, you know what I mean. He's so eloquent with his words and it invites an awesome spirit.
SO all in all it was a great night and the perfect way, in the not-so-perfect kind of way, to spend our last day of Summer.


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Carroll's Cup

It feels like Christmas! 
We finally have a frozen yogurt joint here in Rochester!!
Embarrassing as it may be, Addi and I frequent the place at least twice a week.
Yes, it is that good!


Meet the Teacher

Tol was pretty dang excited to meet his new FIRST GRADE TEACHER, and he was pretty stoked when he finally found out who it was. BUT, it was short- lived; she has already retired. I know, only one month into the year. It's okay, I wasn't the hugest fan anyway.
But isn't this the cutest little first grader you've ever seen? LOVE this boy!

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Minnesota State Fair

State Fair + The Barneys =
One SERIOUS good time!



 We finally took advantage of some of Minnesota's Summer Offerings during the summer we were left with after our Utah trip. Minnesota summers are amazing! When the super rainy and indecisive Spring finally turned to Summer, I understood why people choose to live here. There's nothing like it.

We experienced our first Rochester Water Ski Team show. It was a little ghetto mixed with some cheese, but was pretty incredible at the same time. These are some talented people!

We also took advantage of a community swimming pool that was super fun. It reminded me of the 'no frills' pools that I went to growing up.  And I should mention adorable Grace (pictured with my kids) because she and her brother were a HUGE part of our summer. They live down the street from us and our kids have become inseparable I love it. And I love them :)

I refinished these chairs that we inherited from my Aunt Mindy years ago. Wish I had a 'before' picture so you could really appreciate the finished product.  Now we have something on our deck besides Dave's grills!

PARK TIME! The kids at their very favorite 'vehicle park.'
Thursdays on First. Tol and Ad with one of the many Loosey Gooseys around Rochester. This goose is part of the local 'The Goose is Loose" statue project that goes to support the arts. I have the cutest little geese ;)

That's it for now.