I'd like to interupt all this Holiday Cheer, and announce that I am in love with my new iPod.
I got it for my birthday and the poor thing has been sitting in the box on my dresser ever since, well, until 2 days ago.
Now I sit here wondering why I didn't get one of these gems years ago. AND why, when I did get one, did it sit there unused and unappreciated for 5 whole weeks?
I'm sorry, iPod- I love you.
Here is to a lifetime of BLISS together, me and you.
Now back to our Christmas posts... stay tuned!


Christmas Day!

Christmas this year was so much fun! Don't get me wrong, it's fun every year, but this year was different. Tol and Addi were super into it. Addison had a birthday earlier in the month and found a new love of opening presents. She likes the actual gift, too, but she LOVES ripping the wrapping paper into 8 million little pieces and moving onto the next one. Tol on the other hand, LOVES all the toys and CANDY. Santa hangs CANDY CANES all over the Christmas tree for the kids, and I seriously think that is Tol's favorite part (surprise, surprise!).

We left out some cookies, milk and an orange for Santa. Tolman also wrote a note and drew a picture of Santa for him as well. Don't the cookies look delicious? Tolman made them all by himself... with a tiny bit of help from Grammy Shar. Santa even left a note saying how YUMMY it all was after he gobbled everything up.

So here's what I don't understand: I heard Tol get up Christmas morning and run to the bathroom at about 7:30. I just layed in bed waiting for him to come in and get Dave and I out of bed when he was done. To my surprise, he went right back in his room and turned on a movie and waited until he heard Addi wake up (about 30 minutes later). Then he came into our room. Did he forget it was Christmas? Did he want to let Dave and me sleep? Whatever the reason, it was nice since Dave and I were up til 2:00 am putting the dang toy kitchen together. That thing was a BEAST!

Yay!!! Santa came and filled our stockings and left TONS of presents under the tree! I guess the kids were good all year after all.

After all our presents were opened, we headed to my parents house. When we opened the door to leave we were greeted by
Old Man Winter!

I have to say that I LOVED seeing this BEAUTIFUL sight when I pulled up to my parents house. It is Jess', Chel's and Nils' cars. I was so excited to see them because everyone was home for Christmas. I had to get a pic of it... plus I thought it was funny that all their wipers got blown into the upward position and got frozen there.
We opened our gifts and had a little devotional on Christ. I have to say that was one of my favorite parts of the day. It was so nice to focus solely on our Savior for a while when it is His birth we celebrate.

Poor little Addi fell asleep in the middle of all the unwrapped gifts and ripped up wrapping paper while the rest of us were enjoying my mom's homemade cranberry muffins (which, by the way, was Dave's VERY FAVORITE part of Christmas, "hands down"... really?). And the next pic is Dave and Tol in Chel's new kayak. In fact, Tol spent most of the day in that thing. He was super disappointed that he couldn't take a nap in it.
We ended up spending the whole day at my parents. We were actually kindof snowed in. Dave attempted to leave due to his urge to go driving in the crazy weather, but that was quickly put to an end when he got completely stuck in the alley-way behind my parents house. We tried to shovel him out. When that didn't work, a truck came and pulled him out. How was your drive, Dave?
The boys and Chel went to the church and played basketball while the rest of us slept and cooked. Erica flew in that day and My Grandparents braved the weather and drove out that night for a FABULOUS dinner. We sang Christmas songs around the piano and played games all night and it was a BLAST.
We had a WONDERFUL Christmas because we have so much to be thankful for and so much to celebrate!
Merry Christmas!!


Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve was spent at my Grandma and Grandpa Adams' house this year.We have been going to their house on Christmas Eve as long as I can remember and it's always a treat. We enjoyed a yummy dinner, we watched a movie on the birth of Christ then opened presents.

GDI Christmas XVI

Dana hosted the 16th Annual GDI Christmas party & she was the hostess with the mostess. The party was equipped with FAB food, games and feminine napkin slippers (thanks Leesa).

Here is Dana demontrating the game. Thanks to Ellen for the idea.

I know I talk about my friends quite a bit, but I just have to say again how much I love them and it's always a JOY to be with them. Most of us have been friends since the 7th grade... and some even longer... and I feel so blessed to still have all these amazing ladies in my life.


Santa's lap

Text Color

I took the kids to see Santa. Tol said that Santa still smells bad and Addi was just scared!

The highlight of the day was riding the horsies after sitting on Santa's lap.


Addison turns 2!

I can't believe my baby is 2! How time flies! Sounds super cliche, but I feel like it was just yesterday when she joined our little family.
Addi is so much fun to have around. She has the cutest little personality and is ALL GIRL!
Today has been so much fun! Addi loved her birthday! She walked around saying, "Birthday" all day and she LOVED people singing "Happy Birthday" to her.
We Love you, Ad! Happy Birthday!

Play Date

Collin and Ty came to play the other night. This is them after they were all 'Played Out' watching "Charlie Brown Christmas."
Tolman and Addison had a GREAT time playing with their buddies.
Aren't they all so cute in their jammies?
Thanks for coming to play!

Polar Express

I don't want to burst anyone's bubble, but the HEBER CREEPERS "Polar Express" had a little too much to be desired. My kids were NOT into it AT ALL. They didn't like the Hot Chocolate (I don't blame them), Tol didn't like singing Christmas Carols, they had the HARDEST time sitting on the train for 90 minutes and when we finally reached the 'North Pole,' Tol said, "Santa doesn't live in Park City!" Little did he know we were actually in Heber.
This picture sums up our experience:
This is them eating their bells that Santa gave them. Don't they look THRILLED to be there?


Poor Santa

Tolman: Do I have to go see Santa and sit on his lap this year?
Me: If you want to tell him what you want for Christmas.
Tolman: But he always smells so bad!


Ugly Sweater Party

The Miles' hosted an "Ugly Sweater Party" and frankly, I haven't seen so many ugly Christmas sweaters in the same room since last year's family Christmas party!

Kristen stole the show, once again. She didn't stop with the sweater, she sported the "UGLY OUTFIT!" Although I'm sure there are a lot of Grandmas out there who think she looks absolutely adorable...

Our dance pictures from the evening:

Me & Dave and Devin & Kristi

Lance & Dana and Amber & Spencer

Keri & Collin and Brandt & Kristi

Mike, Summer & Leesa and Jesse & Kristen

Jon & Jody and Ben & Val

This is Ben and Dave heckling the poor foreign exchange student for his veggies. Poor Petri.
It was a night to remember. I have the GREATEST friends in the world... thanks to you all!


'Which of Santa's Reindeer are YOU?'

You Are Comet
A total daredevil, you're the reindeer with an edge!

Why You're Naughty: You almost gave Santa a heart attack when you took him sky diving

Why You're Nice: You always make sure the sleigh is going warp speed

Okay, so I need to confess that this was the result of my 2nd try. My first one came up as Vixon and I just wasn't thrilled with that. So Comet came in 2nd, even though I don't like heights so much and I also don't like going too fast. I'm kinda wimpy that way.