Cruise '09

Dave and I went on a southern Caribbean cruise to celebrate him graduating. It was FAB, to say the least. We flew into San Juan, and went to Aruba, Curacao, Dominica and St. Thomas.
I could write novels about this, but instead I'll do a "top 10" and "bottom 5" to spare us all.

"BOTTOM 5" (in no particular order)
1. The ditched fingernail on the nightstand when we got to our stateroom.
2. Having to pay $25 for an 8 oz. can of hairspray (when I'm a licenced hair stylist)...it was either that or white rain.
3. The uncomfortable and loooong red-eye into San Juan.
4. And speaking of, the SUPER GRUMPY flight attendants on the flight. They actually told the pilot on the passengers, how we wouldn't obey the seat belt light. They took their job a little too seriously... that, or they used to be burned out junior high teachers.
5. Missing our babies!

"TOP 10"
1. ZERO responsibility.
2. Sleeping in
3. The over-weight 7 year old with a Binky... I'm so mean, but it was hilarious

4. Eagle Beach in Aruba

5. Magen's Bay in St. Thomas

6. Our waiter, Hedi and assistant waiter, Jingyi. They were AWESOME!

7. Enjoying the company of Elizabeth Gilbert on our Balcony
8. Double Desserts!
9. Trafalgar Falls and Emerald Pools in Dominica

10. What happens in the Caribbean, stays in the Caribbean!

More pics!



HOLY CRAP!! My computer has been on the fritz for about a week now and I'm going CRAZY without it. We have to get a new one, but haven't yet (I'm on my parent's computer right now). I have so much to post on this thing so I'm feeling a little behind. That's not what a blog is all about though, right?... that's what scrapbooking is for: making you feel overwhelmed and 'behind.'
Anyway, stay tuned for the Lamb Fam's latest adventures...
Onto more exciting news, Tolman turns the BIG 5 tomorrow and Dave starts his JOB on Thursday!!! BIG WEEK!


Hate crimes

My sister Chelsea, who is a lesbian, has a friend who fell victim to a horrible 'hate crime,' for being a lesbian.

Several months back, Chel had the privilege of meeting with Elder Ballard (via phone) for over 2 hours. One of the
many questions Elder Ballard asked Chelsea was, "How has your family responded to [you being lesbian]?" Chelsea told him that her family has been amazing. That they have loved her, supported her and have been there for her through it all. Elder Ballard simply responded, "They have shown true Christ-like love."

It is my hope and my prayer that we all can show true Christ-like love to everybody, always, no matter their (or our) differences.

click here to be directed to Chel's blog