On the road again...

The time too quickly came for us to say Goodbye to Sunny AZ. As sad as we were to leave the warm weather, we were super EXCITED to be able to visit UT on our way back to MN!
However, we got off to a SsssssssssLLLOOOWWWWWW start. We hit some serious traffic! It turned out that there was a major car accident. BUMMER! What was also a major bummer (and I really do feel bad for feeling that way) is that OUR CAR was the one that was stopped for life-flight to land. We had front row seats to all the action. We also had to sit there for over an hour. After hearing details of the accident from the officers (it was a motorcycle accident and it seemed the guy had sustained pretty severe neck and head injuries), Dave got out and talked to the paramedics wondering if they needed help securing the patient's airway. Being in Anesthesia, that is one of Dave's main responsibilities in the hospital. Of course he has to intubate his own patients in the OR, but if there is ever a time where an airway can't be secured anywhere in the hospital then an Anesthesiologist is called. Supposedly it can be super tricky. They didn't need Dave; the patient was breathing just fine. But it was pretty cool knowing that Dave had the training necessary to possibly save a life out there.

The helicopter was finally off after loading in the guy... 
and a few minutes later so were we!

On the road AGAIN...
 That long in the car made for some serious BED HEAD for Addi. Such a great look for her!

The kids were amazing troopers during the car ride. They were happy, got along and were pretty good at entertaining themselves. Dave loves road trips. He loves to explore different places and take in all the scenery and different cities and cultures. I, on the other hand, am NOT a fan. I'd much much MUCH rather fly. With that said, I was so proud of my little darlings. They might just be talking after their father in the road-trippin' department. But I have to say that this trip wasn't bad- even for me.


 What we left for Santa...

Tolman's Christmas List 
*Cars 2*matchbox cars*motor scooter*dippin' dots machine* F150*

Questions for Santa
"Santa what is your favorite part of Christmas?
Santa please tell Nunu if he could come visit us?"

He came!!

What Santa left for us:
 Santa left a note and answered our questions!

 He filled our stockings!

Presents galore!

Addison's favorite present was her EASY BAKE OVEN
Tolman's favorite present was his SPARKING MOTOR SCOOTER
I think Santa wanted the suspense to build for Tol because his scooter was in the bathroom! After all the presents under the tree had been opened, I needed some lotion so I asked Tol if he'd grab me some. Lo and behold, there it was. Tol originally thought he got jipped, but was still super grateful and a good sport, but was SO HAPPY to see his scooter waiting for him!  
And don't Addi's EASY BAKE OVEN cupcakes look so appetizing?! Addi made them pretty much all by herself and was so proud of her quarter-sized treats. 
After opening presents and eating breakfast we got ready and headed to church. Sacrament was the only meeting held because of the holiday and it was one of the best meetings I've been to. ever. It was so nice to have church on Sunday and really be able to focus on the REAL meaning of Christmas and worship our Savior in a formal way.
This Christmas was one of the VERY best I can remember. Even though it would have been nice to have extended family to spend it with, it was super nice to be with just our little family. It was simple and perfect.