one down...

Tolman lost his first tooth tonight. Not really sure how it happened exactly. I was pulling off his sweatshirt and somehow during the process, the tooth came out. Tol was a little terrified at first, but after talking to his Auntie Jess and Auntie Chel, he felt much better about the loss.
He is young to be losing a tooth, but the dentist warned us a while back that this might happen because of a hard blow to the mouth a while back. So now we decide to either wait a couple to 3 years for his new tooth to come in or we get a prosthetic. We'll see.
Good news is that the TOOTHFAIRY will be paying Tol a visit tonight.




Thanksgiving has always been my most favorite holiday. I love that my birthday sometimes falls on Thanksgiving (2 holidays in one). I love that I am surrounded by family. I love all the DELICIOUS food (even though I am not a fan of turkey). I love that it is the beginning of the 'holiday season.' I love watching the Macy's Day Parade. I love focusing on all I have to be thankful for. And I love that it is the least commercialized and advertised holiday. Thanksgiving is about giving. The main thing it is known for on T.V and radio is feeding the hungry and/or homeless. I love that. It takes the focus off of "me, me, me," and puts it on what others have done for you and what you can do for others. I love that. I love the spirit of Thanksgiving and the message Thanksgiving brings.

With that said, I had a FABULOUS Thanksgiving. I started the day with a 5k run with the fam. It was a good way to start the day, especially knowing I'd be stuffing my face later on. It was also good to work off the frosted pumpkin chocolate chip cookie...mmmmmm... I had @ midnight the night before.
This is us after the race. It was pouring rain so we all got pretty wet. It has been my Mom's dream to run some sort of race with the whole family. She was on cloud 9. So Mom, this one is for you, and sorry you are hidden in this pic. (Dave was home with the kids preparing his turkey [look below] and then went to a BINGHAM Turduckin' bowl).
Later that day we went to Jan's house (my MIL) for our first dinner.
The kiddie table. Aren't they all so cute?! Tolman and Addi LOVE their cousins.

A while later we went to my parents house for dinner #2. It was especially fun having everyone together. Chel came home from Seattle and Nils came down from Utah State. I guess since Jess doesn't live at home anymore, you could also say that she came home as well. It was super fun to be all together.

A few random pics. First, the fellas starting the dishes when we were all stuffed to the brim and second, Addi playing with the plastic cups. Those things keep her entertained for hours! And I can't forget my mom's beautiful table. The pic doesn't do it justice.
"THE smoked turkey"
Kindof a long story and a touchy subject, but Dave smoked a turkey on Thanksgiving in his new Webber smoker. It took ALL day, longer than he anticipated, but it turned out beautiful and delicious! Now Dave (remember I don't like turkey) will be able to enjoy many yummy turkey sandwiches.

This was the finished product.
I hope you all had a Happy and Thankful Thanksgiving!


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Thanks Jen for turning 30 and giving us a chance to go back to our roots. It was quite the party thrown in "Wyner Style!"
Aren't we HOT?!!


I'm old

This is the first birthday I've had where I've felt 'Different.' I turned the big 30 on Saturday and I feel old. Well, maybe I don't feel old, I guess I feel like I should feel old cause I am old. I actually feel quite young. But remember when you were in Elementary School and 30 was so old?! I'm now that person that the young ones look at and think, "she's old." Funny how the older you get, the higher the age gets when a person is considered old.
Dave had a few interviews back east so I decided to join him in New York for a few days. I wasn't going to bring in my 30's at home while Dave was living it up in the BIG APPLE...
We had the greatest time together. It was so nice having that time to be together with absolutely no obligations or interuptions. Times like that are way too few and far between.
Dave had never been to New York so we did lots of the touristy stuff, but the best part was seeing "WICKED." It was amazing! First of all, there is nothing like seeing a Broadway show ON Broadway. Plus, "Wicked" is such a cute story (especially for all us "Wizard of Oz" fans) and it has the GREATEST music. I would recommend it to anyone, male and female, old (like me) and young.
A trip to NYC isn't complete without a meal and the most AMAZING & FAMOUS cheesecake @ Juniors... plus, where else do they bring out pickles, pickled beets and cole slaw instead of your everyday bread or chips?

No, this is not a diaper. It is my beautifully wrapped birthday gift from Dave. Inside this creative package is an... iPod. I think I was the only person on the planet who didn't own one. Now all that has changed and I feel apart... and I like it.

Atop the Empire State Building. The visibility was about 25 miles. It was such a beautiful, clear, sunny and FREAKIN FREEZING day. I think the temp that day was 22 degrees. But with the wind chill mixed with the humidity it felt like -500 degrees.

Some of the views from the top, 86 floors to be exact.

More pics of us. First, in the Gershwin theater waiting for "Wicked" to start and then at 'Serendipity 3' after our YUMMY dinner including the famous 'Frrrrozen Hot Chocolate.'

Times Square. Doesn't Dave look like a city man? Not really. But he might have to become one if we end up there. The next picture is of our Hotel in Times Square. It was SWEET!
There are just some things you don't see everyday in Utah. SWEET 'breakers' in the subway station; Ground Zero; my cousin Emily in all her high-waisted glory; Emily in her High School Musical glory (@ Century 21: "New Yorks Greatest Shopping Secret"); Emily, my Aunt Janet and me waiting to board the Subway and me, again, with a bronze statue that Dave and I thought was one of those real people performers who act like statues.
It's good to be home yet I'm sad my trip is over. It's always bitter-sweet, right?
Thanks NY Nelsons for taking us in for a few nights. It is always great to spend time with you since it doesn't happen near enough.
And special thanks to Emily for being my date to TWILIGHT (since Dave was at his interview, and I sure am glad he was... he would have HATED it). What about that movie anyway? And thanks to my Mom and to Leesa for watching my little munchins while we were gone. I am suddenly feeling like this is like some sort of acceptance speech...
So that's my BIG BIRTHDAY & VAY-CAY in a nutshell.
*Interview Update: Dave interviewed @ Yale, Penn State and Cornell during this trip. They all went well, but Cornell was his FAVE. I'll give a FULL update on how the entire process is going at a later date.


I Love Joey

Yes, I went to the 'New Kids on the Block' concert and yes, it was probably the best concert I've been to. I was skeptical about the whole thing, my friends and I bought tickets mainly because we thought it would be hilarious. We had no idea we'd have the experience of a lifetime... no really, we did. The fellas put on the best concert and I have to say that my crush for Joey is back to attack.

We had the most KILLER seats!

Jordan was really feelin' it... and so were we ;)

After they did their piano routine, they walked down the aisle (that we were sitting next to) back up to the stage. Don't worry, I touched a few of them and freaking GRABBED JOEYS JACKET WITH TWO HANDS - and he looked at me!

Here he comes! (below)

Dana was super sad to see the concert end. After all the dancing and screaming, we were beat! It's not like we're in 5th grade anymore.

Good times ladies! I'm so glad we were able to experience this kind of joy together.

NKOTB groupies 4-EVA!


It is no exaggeration to say that I haven't see Tol this excited about anything in, well... ever. There was a HUGE monster truck on display at the 'Firestone' by our house for 2 days. Tol spotted it while driving by on Saturday, so being the great Dad Dave is, he stopped. Tol got to meet the driver and even got an autographed picture of 'Bigfoot' (that he's been carrying around ever since). Dave took him back that night so Tol could see it get 'put away' for the night. Tolman was amazed at how loud it was. The driver even gave them a mini show and drove it across the parking lot a few times.
After church today, Tol wanted to see if 'Bigfoot' was still there. Sure enough- it was. So we got out, got some pictures and the driver gave Tol a toy 'Bigfoot.' Good thing he has 2 hands, one for the autographed picture (the "map"), and one for 'Bigfoot.'
O- and the best part is Tol immitating the truck starting (not annoying at all) and then him saying, "Nothing can stop BIGFOOT!"



Tol: Mom, Let's clog the toilet.
Me: Hmmm?
Tol: Clog the toilet means 'Hit the Hay' in Spanish and I'm tired.


word verification

I got rid of it.

"But Mom, I was pretending it was the ignition!"

Ragedy Ann & Andy

What a fun and CrAzY day Halloween turned out to be. For those who read my blog and/or know Tol, you know that he's OBSESSED with sugar! Well, Addi is taking after her brother. Needless to say, Halloween is their FAVORITE! It's all about the candy.

First on the Halloween agenda was preschool.

Addison and Ty joined in the party.

Eating Halloween treats!
Before you read any further, I know what you're all thinking: "How could you subject your son to that?!" I know, I know, I've heard it all. Here's the thing, Tolman is the only 4 year old out there that couldn't care less what he dresses up as for Halloween. He HATES attention. If he had it his way, he wouldn't dress up at all. But he understands that he needs to dress up in order to get candy, so he lets me decide what he'll be. I figure this year might be the last where he doesn't have an opinion about the whole thing, so I took advantage (despite Dave and my dad). But isn't he the CUTEST Ragedy Andy you've ever seen? Plus, Tol was into the fact that Ragedy Andy rhymes with candy.
Next up, Gardner Village

Tol is dancing to the Halloween music that was playing.

Last, but not least, Trick-or-Treating!
Addi wouldn't let anyone else hold her bag. I swear, after an hour that thing weighed more than she did! She walked so slow (she also didn't want anyone to hold her) and had to take a break every 3rd or 4th house. Funny girl!
Here's Tol checking out his stash (after we sneakily got rid of some).
My parents have a Halloween party every year where people drop by, eat, hang out, eat, eat and EAT!!! My mom makes homeade soups, bread and pies and it's lots of FUN! I can't remember a Halloween without it. So we went to their house for the festivities and Trick-or-Treated in their neighborhood. Good times!
Hope everyone had a HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!