Daybreak tri

My family is getting a little bit (more) crazy and really getting into this whole TRIATHLON thing.  I don't know if it's because some good friends own a tri business and they got talked into it or if they really do LOVE it like they claim, or both.  Whatever the reason, tri season is a big one at the Nelson home.  

The DAYBREAK TRI started out the 2010 season.
My dad, Jess, Nils & Curt along with Uncle Kent & cousins Jennie, Mike, Julie, Matt & Jane and a few friends all raced.
And I have to add that Jennie and Julie did the Olympic.  WOW!

Since my parents live in Daybreak, a few people slept over the night before or stopped by that morning.  It was one hectic morning at the Nelson household.  These pics don't do it justice.

Before the race.  Getting PUMPED... except for Curt.  Not sure what he's doing.

And seriously?!!  Is this NOT the best picture you've EVER seen?  They say that pictures are worth a thousand words, this one is worth a few more.  And maybe a few thoughts, too.  BTW- this is my handsome and fit father with his handsome and fit older brother, Kent.  Good luck fellas!
*my dad is SO gonna kill me for this one.




Curt took 4th in his division.  Way to go!!
*There weren't too many 15 year old racing.  The joke is that he took 4 out of 4- which ISN'T true.

  The Ron Nelson Athletes.
Dad. Curtis. Nils. Jessica.

The Kent Nelson Athletes.
Matt. Julie. Kent. Mike. Jennie. Jane.
*Jennie took 7th in her division which is the largest and most competitive division.  Kindof a BIG deal.  GOOD JOB JEN!

    All The Athletes
minus Curt plus baby Sawyer

The athletes and the athletic supporters.  

WAY TO GO all you guys!  You all did an outstanding job & it was a BLAST being part of it ... from the sidelines.     


Spring Break 2010

Sunny St. George
Spring Break 2010 was a SUCCESS!

We hung out at the pool...

Went to VEGAS &
shopped til we dropped...

 Met Candice &
her roommates in
Vegas for dinner...
(our coined pose)

we ATE and ATE and ATE A LOT...
and best of all, had a great girlie get-a-way TOGETHER!

Thanks for another memorable trip, Ladies!


we ALL scream for ice cream!

Okay, so how adorable is this-  Tolman, ALL BY HIMSELF, put together these little "ice cream man" baggies for his friends.  He is WAY into the ice cream man this summer (I swear he can hear that thing from 10 miles away) so in each baggy was 8 quarters, a piece of gum (random) and a paper with each of his friends name on them, so he knew who's was who's. 

Then he carried them around in this basket for days and days just waiting for he ice cream man to come around.  He kept asking if he could deliver them to his friends, but I was the "mean mom" that told him he had to wait til the ice cream man came.  So here is the basket that went everywhere that Tol did. And if you look closely you can see that the baggy on top is for 'OIN,' or Owen.  Get it, O-in?  I thought it was awesome seeing how he came up with the spellings for some of the names.

The much anticipated day FINALLY arrived and it was so freaking adorable!  Tol is outside with a bunch of friends and I'm in the house when all of a sudden I hear the ice cream man.  Not 20 seconds later Tol comes running in the house in full panic mode looking for his 'basket.'  I hurry and help him locate it and Tol is out the door running towards his friends as fast as he could yelling, "Guys!  Guys- I got it!  I got it!!" with one hand holding the basket and the other hand holding his shorts up.  He is also running in full straddle to help with the shorts-falling-down situation.  HILARIOUS!!! and again, adorable.

Luckily his friends had stopped the ice cream truck (or van) and it was the BEST watching Tol's face as he rummaged through the basket handing out each friends personal baggy.  He was BEAMING!... and so were his friends.  There were also some random kids at the van so Tol also gave them money from the other friends' bags that weren't there. 

Ice cream for all, on Tol.

And I think we may have found something that Tol likes better than sugar, and that's...
making it possible for friends to share in his obsession.




Leesa and I decided to meet for lunch before the kids' Little Gym classes.  Of course the kids opted for McDonalds.  Yum (not. we stopped at Bajio for the moms on the way).  
 We had some serious time to kill so thanks to the highchairs on wheels, the kids had a FAB time (really- who decided that the Draper McDonalds didn't need a PLAYPLACE?).  We drove everyone else there NUTSO.  But hello- it's McDonalds and it's Draper.


2010 Summer VayCay... I mean STAYCay

Since our time and funds have been to a minimum, we went on our Summer STAY-CAY to 
Little America.  We had a great time swimming in their pool, eating at their yummy restaurants but most of all being with the fam.


"My boyfriends Back"

This was Addi's first year (or 5 months) of dance and she LOVED every second of it!  
Her dance recital and competition were the BEST!  She danced to "My boyfriend's back" & she was the star, at least we thought so!  She lit up the stage and LOVED performing in front of an audience.  We were so proud of our little dancer!  And way to go TINY DIVAS for taking 2nd (out of 2 teams- lol)!!

Addi's Dance Class
Aren't they adorable?

All Maximum's dancers 
See how Addi is reaching toward the ground (front row to the right)?  There was a little girl who kept touching her face so Tenille, the photographer, kept asking the little girl to put her hand down.  Addi thought Tenille kept saying it to her.  Funny Ad!  She was SO into the photo shoot!  She felt so cool around all the older girls and LOVED feeling like a "movie star princess."  No wonder she was trying so hard to follow directions- even if they weren't directed towards her.