crazy hair @ the fair

When I got home from work one day, I was LUCKY enough to find a carnival across the street @ DAYBREAK ELEMENTARY.
Spray-painted hair was the first thing, and pretty much the only thing (since it was about to close down), on our "carnival to-do list"
Tol was able to hit a few bouncy slides while Addi was only interested in 'posing' by the Princess bounce castle.  She didn't want to go inside alone and because it was KIDS ONLY and Tol was too embarrassed to go inside the princess one, Addi was out of luck.  She was more interested in the Silly String anyway.
When we got home, first things first:  BATH TIME!!

And HE'S OFF. And so is the truck.

This is the morning that Dave left for Minnesota.  When I asked Tol what he would miss the most about Daddy being gone he said. "The PENSKE."  That was the moving truck Dave drove out.  Funny Tol!
That was a LOOOOONG 9 weeks.  We are SO happy to be together again!


6 years old!

 Tolman had a BIRTHDAY
that lasted at least a week.  It was celebration after celebration-
just as it should have been!!!

First up was the FAMILY FIESTA where we had a YUMMY dinner, cake & ice cream and of course, PRESENTS!!  My mom made the chocolate cake from scratch and it did not disappoint!  I was slacking and the only pic I got from that entire night was Tol blowing out his candles, so ENJOY :)


HOLY CRAP! is all I can say about this party.  It was one out of control afternoon!  We had about 20 kids there which I was not expecting.  We did send out invites but it turns out that Tol spread the word to EVERY child in the neighborhood- invite or not!  We just improvised to accommodate everyone.
We played DUCK DUCK GOOSE, broke open a PINATA, had a PRESENT EXCHANGE, and topped off the party with HAWAIIAN CUPCAKES & SLUSHIES!  The after-partiers took a plunge in the splash pool!
In lieu of gifts for the Birthday Boy, everyone brought a small gift to exchange with the other kids BUT, we did request they bring a key (used or new) for Tol's BIRTHDAY KEYCHAIN!  He got a bunch of super cool keys that together made one AWESOME set of BIRTHDAY KEYS!  My contribution was the FORD key ring and a bunch of curly ribbon (that he quickly removed).  And without a doubt this was his very favorite present!  Thanks everyone!

JUNE 17th- the actual day
BIRTHDAY WAFFLES.  If you're thinking that they look a little discolored, you're right.  Tol's favorite part of waffles is the food coloring.  My mom, Addi and I sang to him (since everyone else was gone) and Tol blew out the candles on his waffle.  He thought it was pretty funny.  What can I say?

 Then that night it was
PRESENTS FROM MOM & DAD and dinner at

Tol is one pretty amazing little dude who definitely keeps me on my toes.  He is VERY passionate about the things he LOVES & even more passionate about the things he HATES.  He is smart, silly and WISE.  He loves to LEARN about new things and EXPLORE new places.  He knows more about cars than most EVER learn in a lifetime and he knows more about geography than anyone knows at 6!  He is very inquisitive and constantly asks adult-like questions.  He is messy and slobby and HATES to clean his room.  He loves having people around him.  He doesn't like attention but likes to be noticed.  He has the cutest freckled nose and toothless grin around!  He is BUSY BUSY BUSY during the day but CRASHES at night.  There's never been a better sleeper.  He still sucks on his bear (AKA "Nasty")  and I'm secretly happy that my baby boy is still in there.
Tol is sweet, caring, and sensitive to others.  He loves HUGS & KISSES from his mama :) and I hope that never changes.  He is my LOVE and my JOY and I'm so lucky to be his MOM!
I love you my little dude!  Happy Birthday!


Small Wonders Graduation

Tol is finally a graduate!  He had 3 fabulous years of pre-school where he grew and learned so much!

His last year was at Small Wonders and here he is @ GRADUATION!

*Tol is on the front row, 5th from left
This isn't the best pic, but here is Tol's class along with a few other classes at their year end program.  They sang their hearts out and it was adorable!  Even Tol got into it, which is a very BIG thing for my anti-attention-boy to do at school programs.  

Gramp, Gram & Curt came to watch!
Thanks Guys!
Mom & Dad with the man of the hour!

Way to go Tol!  We are so proud of you and are super excited for your new adventure called KINDERGARTEN!
... it's about time, right?

Nils on tap

Nils:  Excitedly entering the room "I just weighed myself!"
Jess:  Interested & enthused "What did you weigh?"
Nils:  Confused "Myself."



The Waldorf

Dave and I ditched the kids with my parents (thanks guys!) and headed to Park City for the weekend.  We stayed at the new Waldorf Astoria DAKOTA LODGE & it was so FREAKING nice.  It was upgraded with top of the line everything throughout!
It was the PERFECT getaway before Dave headed to MN without me.

And if you get the chance to getaway, I HIGHLY recommend going here!


Bon Voyage POOL PARTY!

The Burts were kind enough to host Dave's
The only problem was it was storming outside, so we (or the 15+ kids) destroyed the inside of their house instead.  
Spencer & Amber are good sports- you should have seen their house when we left.
 Everyone brought YUMMY food so we ATE.  A LOT!

This is the GREATEST group of people!  Dave & I are blessed with the KINDEST &  most SUPPORTIVE friends in the world!
We LOVE all you guys!!!  Thanks for a wonderful night!


puddle jumpers

Addi & our neighbor Noa playing in the puddles after a rain storm.

 Addi came prepared with her snow boots and mittens.