Please PRAY for my mom

Not really up for going into all the details but I feel it's important that I get this out there, for my mom's sake.
A while back she was diagnosed with an auto-immune disease called mixed connective tissue disease. One of the major complications that can occur in patients with this is the loss of lung function. We've known this all along, but were hoping that if it happened, it wouldn't be for a while.
Her amazing doctors ran the lung function tests on her last November and the results showed her lungs were operating on the "low end of normal." The doctors ran the same tests again this past week and the results weren't good. In fact, her pulmonologist's words were that her Interstitial Lung Disease is moving "remarkably fast."
She is on a few different medications, including a very high dose of prednisone and constant oxygen.
The damage to her lungs can't be reversed, but the hope is that the rapid digression will slow waaay down and that she will feel better. She has felt so sick!
We are having a fast for her this Sunday, which will actually begin Saturday night @ 8 pm. My family would be so grateful and appreciative for you to join us.
We know our Heavenly Father can work miracles through our faith, and that is what we're praying for- a miracle.




Very Important Person
And here is our VIP with his school class.

Tolman definitely is a VERY VERY important little dude.
We Love our V.I.P!


Potty trained in a day... really!!

Waiting til she was 3 was the best thing we ever did.

Happy New Year- by addi.

To ring in the new year we switched things up and went to Levan with the fam. We partied it up with the Bateman's, McCleary's and a few others. Steve and Paula lived up to their reputation of being the HOST'S with the MOSTS! We ate waaaay too much YUMMY food, played lots of super fun and funny games and LAUGHED & LAUGHED! What better way to start
Thanks to Addi, we have the whole night (and morning) documented.

*didn't she take some great pics?


Tol's prayer

"...and please bless me that I will turn 16 really fast."



Hope you all had a very Merry Christmas!
Here are some pics of ours:

My Dad and Curt sang with the Sterling Singers this year. This is me and the kiddos at their performance.

Tol taking Harley for a walk in his new robe on Christmas morning. Harley is Chel's puppy and Tol ADORED him! It was fun having a puppy in the house for a week, huh Dad?

My Dad modeling the gift I gave him. I probably should have ordered them a size smaller;)
We were all dying of laughter. I hadn't laughed that hard in a long time!

Font size...and the gift that did fit.A canvas painting of the sibs for my parents.
*don't you love that Chel's the one in pink?

Christmas Night
BEANIES... by Dad!
Yes, my Dad has taken up knitting. He goes to a class every Monday night (that my Mom and I originally signed up for) and he knit us all these hats! Isn't that the coolest?! Here we are modeling them. He also made Becka (Chel's girlfriend) one, but she flew out on the 23rd so she missed out on the photo.