The day has finally come... Match Day!!! We found out today where we will be spending the next 4 years of our life.
First of all, we feel so fortunate to have even matched. There were about 20 students
who didn't match this year (STRESSFUL) and a handful of them were applying in anesthesia. Dave is a ROCK STAR!!! All his hard work paid off and he is now officially employed! That sounds a little weird.... anyway, before I unveil the results (and I'm sure a few of you have already scrolled down and skipped through all this mumbo-jumbo), here are a few pics from this morning's reception.
I guess I will mention-quickly-the process. The med school puts on a brunch and the students along with anyone else who is affected by this (family) is invited to attend. They pass out the sealed envelopes and everyone opens them at the same time. Let's just say all kinds of emotions were running high in that room. Lot's of smiles and cheers and lots of disappointment and tears. Then everyone who matched went up one at a time and announced where they are headed and in what field they are going.

Here's all the students rushing the front to get their envelopes.

There is Dave with envelope in hand... and for all you WJ alumni: yes, that is the back of Mr. Argyle, enjoying a beverage. His son is in Dave's class.

Dave with the UNopened evelope. Is the suspense building? Hey, I had to go through it, now you do!!!

The official letter. Can you read it? Look closer...
Okay, he will be doing his preliminary year here at the U of U and then we will be headed to Rochester, Minnesota where Dave will be doing the next three years at the Mayo Clinic!!

Dave, Sylvia and Brent... all going to Mayo! I forget what Sylvia is doing and Brent is doing Pathology. Sorry about the glare.

Here we are, ready to CELEBRATE!!!!!


PaRtY of 5

This is me with my sibs. These pictures rarely happen because we are never in the same place at the same time. I love these guys so much and am truly grateful for our relationship. After all these years, we are still BFFs!... go green.