"Hi, my name is Tolman Lamborn. I am 4 years old and am addicted to sugar."
First of all, I realize that I'm putting our reputation as parents on the line by writing about this, but I'm willing to put my rep and pride on the line to possibly help another sugar addict.
My Mom will strongly disagree, but lately, Tolman has been the biggest pain in the a**. Yes, it's true. He has been SUPER moody (mainly on the grumpy side), he won't listen or follow directions (more so than the "normal" 4 year old) and he throws a royal fit about anything and everything. Ya, life around the Lamborn household has been fun.

He did have a little bug, so I first contributed it to that. When that went away, I thought he was just tired due to all the late nights. Now he's caught up on sleep. What could it be? What is causing this? Why is my usually sweet boy acting like such a MONSTER lately? Then it came to me... SUGAR!!
I should have put this together much before now. All the signs were there. Dave and I, along with Tol, have been living in denial. My first clue was the empty marshmallow bag under his bed. Or was it the always empty fruit snacks box in the cupboard (he should have just thrown it away and I would have chalked it up to my mom-induced dimensia).
On Sunday, we were all having a nap, or so I thought. As Dave, Addi and I were dreaming, Tol was downstairs raiding his Easter Basket. (What? We still have that thing? Yes.) He ate at least 4 suckers, TONS of jelly beans and chocolate eggs. I should have thrown it away right then and there, but no. Tol did the same thing today! I was folding clothes upstairs and Dave was in the shower. He uses any window of opportunity to take advantage. Below is an actual picture of todays binge. This is his place of choice, the "hut."
Hopefully we have pinpointed the problem and he'll be a much happier boy. And for the stale Easter candy? It is in the outside garbage as we speak, along with the other bag of marshmallows that was in the cupboard. Only I would have that many marshmallows in the house...
Now we will be teaching Tol to "JUST SAY NO!"


Grandpa Lee's Ford

The exact day that we welcomed the little Tolie Boy into our world 4 years ago, Grandpa Lee, Dave's Dad, also welcomed a new addition to his family: a red Ford F150. Tol has had a love affair with this truck ever since. They had a special bond from the beginning.
With that said, Tol had a "drive in" at pre-school where he had to bring a car made from a box. Of course, Tol wouldn't settle for anything less than "grandpa Lee's Ford." Needless to say, Dave and I were up all night putting this thing together. Dave had a ton of studying to do, but put it on the back-burner for Tol. That's the kind of papa Dave is. Thanks Babe! Plus, if you think that Dave didn't like doing this project, you're kidding yourself.

This is Tol and all his pre-school buddies at the "Drive- In." It looks like we weren't the only ones up all night.


So much to blog, so little time

I can honestly say that this past week has ranked in the top 3 busiest weeks of my life! I know, I'm being dramatic (what's new), but it's true. Since blogging is my new-found BFF, I feel as though I should share some highlights with you. So bare with me. This could get long (but never boring)...
So the day after Nilso came home (hip hip), it was Tol's pre-school program. He did a fabulous job and really, is there anything more entertaining than a pre-school program?

It had a Disney theme so they sang lots of Disney songs. Poor Tol has a big head (thanks to his mama) so the hats wouldn't stay on his head too well. He seemed to be more concerned about that than singing the songs.
Next up, was Father's Day.
Father's Day was especially sweet this year cause it was also Nils' homecoming. Nils spoke, of course, and did such a good job! I realize that you wouldn't expect me to say anything different of my own bro., but his talk truly was amazing. My dad and Curtis also spoke. They, too, did FAB. The bishop couldn't leave the Nelson gals out so the whole fam dam sang (minus Dave and the kids) while my mom played the piano. We sang a song that my Mom wrote and I think it went well. One of our better performances anyway... we have sung this particular song I don't know how many times. Anyway, the meeting had a bit of Nelson over-kill to it. If possible.
I LOVED seeing everybody! So many people came to see and support Nils and it was a partay!
So once the homecoming festivities were wrapped up, it was time to turn all attention to our DADS. They opened presents, we sang their praises, and let them watch golf (when I think of Father's Day I picture my Dad sprawled out on his bed or on the couch watching the US OPEN).

So a couple years ago on Father's Day we all went to the park and came up with the game, "Ultimate Playground." It's super fun and has since become a Nelson favorite. Well, this Father's Day we came up with a new game that is equally as entertaining. We didn't name it, but here's what it is: So they put these new digital speedometer thingies in my parents neighborhood that tells you how fast you're going and GET THIS, it tracks the speed of anything cruising down the street. So we decided to see how many MPH we could run. It was actually quite funny. One at a time, hauling down the middle of the street as fast as we could. Matt Johnson won with 18 mph. Pretty impressive Matt.

This is Dave and you can kindof see the speedometer on the right above Curt's head.

It makes a great spectator sport.

Then we went to the park and played.

We played catch and frisbee. All the "men" on the swings.

Matty and Nils thinkin' they're tough. Curtis, my Dad's BFF came to visit from Florida.

Happy Father's Day to the 2 best Dad's in my life. First, my own Dad. You are the best dad a gal could ask for. I am lucky that we have always been great friends, especially during my teen years when I probably needed it the most. Maybe I need it the most now, hmmm. Love you, Pops!

And to Dave, the Dad of my kids. I love watching you with our kids. They have so much fun with you and I especailly love that you teach them all about anything and everything. Because of you, their little minds are filled with new things everyday. Tol & Addi are so lucky to have you as their papa. We love you!

Happy Birthday Tol!
You have filled mama and daddy's last 4 years with more love and joy than we could have ever imagined!
We are so proud of you and are blown away with all you do and learn everyday.
You are the BEST big brother. Addi loves her "Bobo" so much. We all love watching you interact with her.
We love you, bug. Happy 4th Birthday!


Welcome Home!

After 2 long (yet suprisingly fast) years of serving a wonderful and successful LDS mission, our AWESOME brother and uncle is finally home. He arrived home on June 11th from Joao Pessoa, Brazil. We all met him at the airport and it was quite the reunion. Nils was amazed at Curtis, he grew up a ton while Nils was gone. He not only grew 11 inches, reaching a whopping 5' 11", but he is now 13 going on 23. No more kid left in Curt (formerly "Curty").

Nils had never met his new niece, Addison. Addi took a liking to her Uncle Nils right away. She just wanted him to hold her, and Nils didn't want to let her go, either. It was cute. He also came home to "FREEZING" 61 degree weather. He's used to the upper 90's with high humidity- YUCK!
Nils came home to a new house, as my parents moved the weekend after he left 2 years ago. He liked the house, but was blown away. He's been living in dirt and cement huts for 2 years. The first thing he wanted to do after walking in the house was take off his shoes and feel carpet on his feet. The second thing he wanted was a head massage. I guess he was tempted to ask his companion for one a few times on the mish, but decided it would be too weird and decided he wasn't that desperate.

After the tour of the house, Nils sat us all down and gave us gifts from Brazil. Below is a pic of Addi with the dress Nils brought her. Anyway, as he was doing so, Curt was sitting by his suitcase and jumped back 10 feet suddenly. Nils brought home a dead cockroach. NASTY! Since Dave wasn't able to be there thanks to a big test, Nils wrapped up the 6 legger and gave it to Dave when he got to my parents. It was Hilarious! Dave is such a wuss when it comes to "6 or 8 leggers."
After Nils was released that night, we had a bunch of friends and family over. It was especially fun to see Nils back together with his friends. It was quite the day. The poor kids were so tired at the end of the night, but it was well worth it.

All I can say is I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited to have Nils home. I love him so much and am so proud of him and the work he's been doing.

As Chel wrote in her blog, time is a funny thing. It is something we can never get back. Nils has used the last 2 years to help other people change their lives for the better and also improve himself. He was amazing before, but amazing doesn't even begin to describe him now. I admire Nils so much and what he has done with the last 2 years. This experience has been an eye-opener for me. I hope that I will use the time I am given to do good and improve myself.





It was Addison's first day of nursery yesterday. YEPPIE!! We cheated and sent her in a week early. It was SWEET! First of all, Dave and I were able to really enjoy Gospel Doctrine and R.S. & Priesthood. (We were actually tempted to "go out," maybe to a movie or something... almost 2 hours of free babysitting! Haha) Second, Addi was supposedly really good. I was worried since it's in the middle of her nap-time (again, 1:00 church BLOWS), but all was well. She walked to the door & said, "daddy" a few times, but that's it.
Thanks to the nursery leaders! You are truly the un-sung heroes of the church!

and, Thanks for your help with the dishes, Addi!



I Got TaggedABC's "getting to know you" TAG. Complete the ABC's of you. Then, each player tags 3 people and posts their names, goes to their blogs and leaves a comment letting them know that they have been tagged and asking them to read your blog.
Thanks Monica, here we go:
A- Attached or single: Happily Attached
B- Best Friend: Lamb Nards
C-Cake or Pie: definitely CAKE
D-Day: Thursday (random, I know)
E- Essential Item: Clorox Wipes
F- Favorite Color: Anything BRIGHT
G-Gummy Bears or Worms: Bears
H-Home town: The one and only WJ baby!!
I- Indulgences: Eating HD's Sticky Toffee Pudding Ice cream while watching Grey's!
J- January or July?: Seriously! JULY I love swimsuits!
K-Kids: 4 yr old boy & 18 mo old girl
L-Life is incomplete without: My family!
M- Marriage Date: May 15 01
N- Number of Siblings: 2 sis' & 2 bros
O- Oranges or Apples: Apples (green)
P- Phobias or Fears: Heights... YIKES!
Q- Quote: Don't piss in the wind
R- Reason To Smile: My babies!!
S- Season: Fall. I wish it was longer.
T- Tag Three: Kristen, B- Mental and Chelsea
U- Unknown fact about me: I can say the alphabet using the letter sounds in 6 seconds
V- Vegetarian or Oppressor of Animal: Huh?
W- Worst Habit: Leaving my shoes out, sorry Babe!
X-Rays or Ultrasounds: Ultrasounds
Y-Your favorite food: Cereal
Z- Zodiac Sign: Saggitarius



We signed up Tolman for swimming lessons @ Marv Jensens (oh the memories). First class down and he really liked it, until it came time to the lesson part. He just wanted to play (with his friend, Tracy). Plus, I think he was scared that the teacher would drop him in the "deep pool." Better luck next time.

I wish Tol was as excited about it as his teacher was!


We had Candice and Chris over for a BBQ. Good Times!

Addison is really enjoying her watermelon

Working off all that delicious food with a bike ride.

We got GOOSED!!!

All the Little Learners

We took a field trip with Tolman's preschool to WHEELER FARM. We saw lots of animals and even got to go on a tractor ride. The kids were really having a great time until our encounter with the evil goose!!

So there was an innocent looking goose walking around the farm. I had the brilliant idea of taking the kids pic with the goose in the background. The goose had a different idea. It started making it's evil honking noises and began to charge the kids and then lifted Tol's shirt with it's beak and bit him. Needless to say, the kids were freaked. They started crying so I picked up Addison while my sis, Jess (who came along) picked up Tol. I don't know what the evil goose had against Tol, but it wouldn't give up. It still was trying to reach Tol up in Jess's arms. Instead, it got Jess's bum... more than once. A dad of one of Tol's school mate's thought he was hilarious and said, "You really got GOOSED!!"