Mini Me

Addison is finally fitting into this amazing pea-coat that belonged to me when I was her age.
I remember that I didn't love wearing it because it was "too heavy."
Luckily Addi loves to wear it to church over her dresses because it is her "Princess Coat." 
Especially because her missionary boyfriend, Elder Sexer (great name, eh?), goes to our church.

Speaking of, I'm pretty sure this is the same week as this happened:
(on our way to church)
Addi: Will Elder Sexer bring me the bread today?
Me: Yeah, maybe
Addi: (completely disappointed) oh no
Me: Why, what's wrong?
Addi: I should have worn my sparkly headband!
I'm in trouble.
Back to the coat.  Isn't it gorgeous?  
And so are Addi's silly faces in the pics below.  
This is one silly girl who constantly keeps us laughing!


What we wait for ALL year long...

It's that time of year again; EXPOS!!  The first of the season was the BOAT SHOW!  
Addi and I dropped the fellas off at the expo while we got our Costco fix.  After LOTS of shopping we finished the BOAT SHOW off together.
Tol was in seventh heaven.  Dave was loving it, too.

Addi had a good time posing for and taking pictures.

Next up was the RV show but we have no pictures to document it.  The boys had a 'boys only' outing to that one while Addi and I stayed home and had a girlie day of painting our nails and shopping :)

stay tuned for the AUTO EXPO weekend...


Identity Crisis

Addi dressed up as an obscene Belle.
Tommy dressed up as "WORD GIRL" in a Wonder Woman costume.

  Love these two crazy kiddos.