Tee-Ball... for Auntie Chel

Look at these little athletes! Aren't they adorable?

And look at that form :)

We had about a month of Tee Ball and it was GREAT! These kiddos are so cute and FUNNY! Tol learned a lot and did an outstanding job!



Not, us. These cute kiddos:

These are the adorable kiddos of Dave's sister, Kate, and her husband, Kriff.
Kriff has been working for the Salt Lake REAL for the past few years and just took a job with the Major League soccer team in Dallas, TX.
We are really going to miss them, especially now that our kids are becoming GREAT friends. And these guys are Tolman and Addison's only cousins.
At least it will give us a fun place to visit.

We Love You Guys!



Here he is. Dave on his way to his VERY LAST DAY of Medical School. HOLY COW! It seemed like this day would NEVER come.
In some ways, the last 4 years have FLOWN BY, but of course, in ways it couldn't have CREPT BY any slower.
Both Dave and I are a little numb about this monumental occasion. It'll probably sink in after graduation, which doesn't take place for another couple weeks.
Dave is experiencing many different emotions. Excitement about being done, apprehension/dread about the next year, and feeling the weight of responsibility of having a job, providing for a family and having real patients depending on him for good health care. But don't take this wrong, we are both thrilled to have made it this far and are looking forward to our new adventure called RESIDENCY!!... and we're looking forward to the next 5ish weeks UNTIL residency begins!


Girlie Getaway

Some of my girlfriends went to St. George last weekend. We had a great time EATING, shopping, TALKING, TALKING, EATING, going to the spa, EATING, hanging out at the pool , staying up WAAAY too late and EATING!! I seriously ate my way through St. George and worked out a little to help offset it a LITTLE anyway. We missed our friends who couldn't make it this year but still managed to have the BEST time. I mean, who doesn't love a weekend with no kids or husbands (no offense) and zero responsibility with absolutely no where to be? LOVE IT! Especially with this amazing group of gals. We've all been BF's since HS, and some of us go back to Junior High, Elementary and even pre-school! I love my friends!