'It's snowing!!"

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Yellow Stripe

Tolman earned his yellow stripe in Tae Kwon Do! 
He has done so well and learned so much in the few short months he's been in karate. 
We are so proud of him!

Tolman's Tooth

Look at this disgusting dangling tooth! It was like this for at least a week- NASTY!! I finally coaxed him into yanking it {with a $5 bribe}. Tol couldn't remember where he put the tooth (um, gross) so he wrote this note to the tooth fairy.

Yes, those are pictures of teeth. Love it! 
Cute Addi at her super duper hokey 
We LOVED LOVED LOVED the class but the recital had a little much to be desired.
Silly Addi had to pose with Tols planner (above) before the recital and she wouldn't wear her skirt during the recital. This girl always seems to have her own ideas and it's much easier to just roll with it.

Addi was in the same class as one of her good friends, Kerrie.

 Her class danced to Dance of the Sugarplum Fairy and Happy Working Song (from Enchanted)

She fell asleep within seconds of hitting the pillow that night.
Dancing is hard work!


Birthday LOVE

Introducing the most AMAZING present Dave got me for my birthday!
It even has flower tire tread!! Does he know me well, or what?!
Can't wait for this weather to change so I can ride it! Everywhere.


Duluth, MN

Like I mentioned a while ago, my mom came out to visit for a little over a week and it was THE BEST! We LOVE LOVE LOVE having her here. She is so much fun to have around and she is a TON of help. Why can't she live next door?
We've wanted to go to Duluth ever since we moved here so my mom and I decided to take the kids (Dave was working, of course). Duluth was amazing! It is a little college town located on Lake Superior. 

While we were there, we went to a resort called Spirit Mountain and rode the Alpine Coaster and Zip Line. It was so fun and beautiful! After all the money and effort that was spent doing other things, the kids' favorite part of the weekend was swimming at the hotel every night.

There is nothing better than having my mom come visit! My kids have such an amazing relationship with her that I am forever grateful for. She is the VERY BEST and we can't wait for her to come back!