Catching up...

This blog is a hot mess! I've obviously put it on the back-burner or taken it completely off the stove all together. Like I've said a million times before, I LOVE my blog books. So here I am again trying to recommit myself to making time to blog. I need a new camera. For the past year I've only used my phone to take pictures. I bet if I had a real camera then I'd blog more. I dunno, maybe not.
Anyway, here is a look at us BEATING THE LATE-WINTER BLUES in 2012.
 We LOVE Larks! It's the most fabulous toy store tucked away in the middle of nowhere. It carries so many toys, costumes & silly hats, games, books, art supplies- ANYthing and EVERYthing related to fun & games for adults and kids alike. Besides seeing all the "vintage" toys (the ones I played with as a kid), my favorite part of Lark Toys is the beautiful and amazing hand-carved wooden carousel. Lark Toys is a favorite and provides the perfect little day trip.
Raking the grass 
 Dave has taken great pride in our lawn. It was absolutley awful when we moved in and Dave spent lots of time to nurse it to health. Needless to say, after the little snow that we got melted, the grass looked horrible again. So Tol and Dave raked it. And raked it. Then raked it some more. Not sure what else they did to resurrect it, but by the time Spring roled around it looked mighty fine, once again.
Swimming in the Winter
 Gotta love the Ramada swimming pool, complete with a slide and a little kiddie pool. Perfect addition to the cold and loooong Minnesota Winters.
Sassy Addi
 My 'all-girl' Addison playing in mom's scarves and jewelry.
Dog Walkers
 Tol and Grace went through a phase of taking the neighborhood dogs for a walk. Here they are with Bella & Howie. Tol LOVES dogs! So much so that we just might have to get one for him.
"Theodore's" Birthday
 Did you know Dr. Seuss' real name is Theodore? I didn't either until Addi learned that at school. We celebrated his birthday by reading lots and lots of his books, coloring Dr. Seuss pictures and doing Dr. Seuss worksheets.


Chelsea Nelson said...

You are the cutest mom. Well, you're tied for the cutest - because my mom is pretty cute, too!

Kam Belly Soup said...

blogging is hard. keep with it!

Scarlett said...

Cute pics! Your kids are getting so big! Love that pic of Addi! You are going to be in so much trouble in 10 years! Your kids are beautiful!